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  1. Challenges as dailies make me want to quit....

    Challenges as dailies make me want to quit. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it. I surprised myself by getting gold on my first try on reservoir chickens, then crystal defense made me want...
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    Got into the server, my character is still gone

    Only option was to make a new one, clicked on it to see if the server was really up, it started the "Votan invasion was more an immigration", i clicked through to character customization, then...
  3. Same exact problem here. Logged in, character's...

    Same exact problem here. Logged in, character's missing. Reinstalled, now I get the critical error that the service isn't available. Is there somewhere where we can see if the game is actually down?...
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    Same here.

    I saw where someone said to uninstall and reinstall to fix it, so I'm trying that now.
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    Was fighting some 99ers just before server went down..

    Whittled away half the Blacklung's shields, turned to kill a Claimjumper with a couple of bursts to the head, turned back and the Blacklung had full shields again. That is some seriously unfun BS....
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    They overcorrected from invincible vehicles to ones made of tissue paper.

    I just hit a Mutant Rifleman and got blown up, knocked down, and stripped of shields. There has to be a middle ground. Old Defiance vehicles worked more or less. Set it to that so we can travel...
  7. Same here.

    Was playing fine till I got DC'ed, then got the 2 hour queue, now I get a connection timed out message after a short attempt to load.
  8. Sticky: Got one outfit and title

    I'm Missing quite a few things that are on the list. Oddly enough, the hat for the one outfit I got but more importantly my plum crazy challenger. The Dunis and ATVs I'm not as worried about, but I...
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