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  1. SF Recorder - Amelio Rodrigues - missing

    This recorder is supposed to be at the end of wall in the NW corner of Bathhouse. See picture for expected location. This is were it was in original Defiance. All other SF recorders are in their...
  2. Beta 2 - Additional bugs and requested enhancements

    Ok read through list of bugs others have reported so I will try not to repeat them here.

    1) Many weapons, especially Detonators do not shoot straight. Yes I am aware of bloom and recoil however...
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    Interesting - I was able to complete that mission...

    Interesting - I was able to complete that mission on Friday. Suspect they have server instance issues. Same type of thing happened in first beta. A mission or activity would lockup or not "spawn"....
  4. I agree with the inaccuracy of weapons, it wasn't...

    I agree with the inaccuracy of weapons, it wasn't just bloom. When a weapon is consistently off in the same way it is a problem/bug. A specific example was the Detonator. If you used the cross-hairs...
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    I too was in programing and systems design for...

    I too was in programing and systems design for over 40 years. Yes beta testing is meant to shake it till you break it. However this beta was so incomplete you could not always tell if something was a...
  6. Defiance 2050 - Tech update not game update

    After 4+ years of play I was really looking forward to a NEW Defiance game. From a developer standpoint this may be a "new" easier to maintain game. However for players it is the same old same old....
  7. Bugs I have noticed - suggestions, comments posted elsewhere

    1) The inventory delete function appears and disappears. Try to delete a weapon, right mouse does not bring up delete function. 10 minutes later it does bring it up.

    2) Tried to remap Character...
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    More purple dots only mean more people in same...

    More purple dots only mean more people in same location not more people are on. I have looked at clan list of online members and the count goes down the third week. I also based my opinion on...
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    Patron Pass - Perks and rewards

    First the new changes to the Patron Pass are a good start. The extra ammo and Arkfall rewards start to make buying the Patron Pass worthwhile.

    It would be even better if you made the Patron...
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    Special Events - too many and too long

    The best part of Defiance play is Clan and group activities and pursuits. This type of play promotes player comradery and desire to play more.

    The number and length of special events are actually...
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    Problem - Faction Reputation pursuits

    You have assigned current reputation levels to each faction Rep Pursuit. Unfortunately you did not credit us with the lower levels. As a result we never can complete the Faction Rep pursuits. Can...
  12. Several suggestions 1) add a second star for...

    Several suggestions
    1) add a second star for keep and retain the favorites star. That way you can quickly find your main (favorite) weapons from all the other "keeper" weapons.

    2) Be able to...
  13. 2015/08/24 - Maintenance did not fix all and add another bug

    Before todays maintenance I was recording EGO kills in Waterfront for Echelon daily. After maintenance EGO kills were no longer being accounted for. So I had 3 EGO kills before and maybe 20 kills...
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    Yesterday (Aug 12th) very bad day for expedition Glitches

    Yesterday (Aug 12th) evening my group ran Stolen Purpose to complete Paradise weekly. We killed several Captains, got a gear chest, killed the boss (engineer), received reward and finished the...
  15. Thanks for the 20 Hunters - but

    Those hunters are less than I have lost due to Expedition glitches. Not sure how to post trouble tickets so have not been able to complain. Biggest lost have been not being taken into expedition with...
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    How about a "Friendly" fire key combo?

    Many times I would just love to shot and damage the SOB newbies. They do not listen and spoil it for everyone else. This happens several times a night so it is NOT an uncommon problem.
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    OK, I am in - for Patron Pass only. I have all...

    OK, I am in - for Patron Pass only. I have all the current DLCs. Can always use the boosts.
    Clan Cronus is the best of the best. Lots of fun playing with clan mates. Now if I can only get to 5k in...
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