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    How much for your: 1:Rebel? 2: VBI SMG?

    What are you looking for or how much scrip do you want to sell either or both of these items for?
  2. LF OJ Rhino Reg., OJ Grind Fragger Run and Gun, OJ Respark Reg.(Ego3600orLess)

    I'm looking for any of these, if you have any let me know what you are looking for and if I have the scrip or the item(s) I'll let you know. Thanks for reading.
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    Looking for orange Grind Fragger.

    I'm willing to trade a lot for one, please let me know if you're interested. My psn ID is HumboldtDreams.
  4. Liberators is recruiting and looking for loyal leaders.

    Hey there arkhunters, Liberators our clan has been around since beta and we are always recruiting. We are looking for loyal, honest, open minded and understanding members to join us. Liberators is...
  5. Defiance game is wonderful and revolutionary, love it or leave it NOW.

    You know you like the game, if you don't why are you here? Stop complaining children, just enjoy your free life and this cheap game I've spent a good amount of money on and will be playing long past...
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    Liberators is always recruiting. Now looking for new leadership.

    Hey there fellow arkhunter. Our clan Liberators has open arms for almost everyone and would gladly accept you. My psn ID is HumboldtDreams and my in game character is Justice Lightbringer. You are...
  7. Thanks Cap. No more room in Clan forum fyi.

    Thanks for the positivity Cap. There's no more room in the clan forum thus I posted here. Good luck arkhunters.
  8. Looking for Loyal Fans to Join our Clan, Liberators.

    Hello there fellow gamers, I'm searching for loyal fans of Defiance to join our clan Liberators. We could use good, dedicated, loyal, smart, positive people that truly enjoy the game. I'm looking to...
  9. Clan Liberators Social Pursuits Event...

    If you would like to be a part of our Clan Event, we will be accomplishing the Social Pursuits of 15 Clan mates/Friends online simultaneously in an Arkfall/Shadow War. Liberators is always recruiting...
  10. Pursuit: Clan Liberators is having Arkfall and Shadow War meet on 6/21/13-6/24/13...

    Starting Friday night 6/21/13 @ 7 p.m. pdt our clan "Liberators" is having 3 meets (Fri night, ALL DAY SATURDAY & Sun night) to accomplish the social pursuits of 15 friends on simultaneously (yes I...
  11. Appreciate. Expectations lead to disappointment...

    Any wise person that has been in a serious relationship with another individual will be able to agree/tell you that expectations lead to disappointment. If you simply keep an open mind you have a...
  12. Bugs in Defiance Store and Group XP Boosts.

    When my friends Crazy_Bear_44 and FallenXanderel join my group they did at first not receive my Group XP Boosts, until Crazy_Bear_44 fully quit then restarted. Now FallenXanderel isn't receiving my...
  13. Defiance=This game is amazing, thanks Trion.

    Through all the bumps and bruises and growing pains, you at Trion still continue to listen to your customers feedback and try to fix the problems as soon as possible, thank you. I truly appreciate...
  14. This post is for befriending other Ark hunters,...

    This post is for befriending other Ark hunters, not necessarily for guild recruitment. It just seemed the appropriate area for this sort of post. It appears that all of us like minded Ronins and Ark...
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    Amen. God bless those that everyday are...

    Amen. God bless those that everyday are uncomfortable fighting for our freedom so we may be comfortable and enjoy life, such as Defiance. God bless our defenders of the United States of America,...
  16. Pale Wars Ronins, Beta Loyalists and True Fans...

    I would like to befriend as many level-headed Pale Wars Ronins, Beta Loyalists and True Fans as possible before and on day one. This is to keep us all in touch and hopefully this partnership(s) lasts...
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    Sounds good...

    if you want to add me, my psn username is the same as this screen name of mine and we can get started day one being badass ronins united!
  18. Glitches and Goodtimes, things needed addressed by launch and etc. :

    Pressing down on direction pad causes chat drop, everytime I played this has been the case. So far like almost everyone else with this game I'm truly happy to be on beta and am excited about release...
  19. Please fix the problem of joining with your friends and it not occurring.

    This problem is very frustrating, along with the shoddy in game narrative audio and bad voice chat function. That being said, this game is a lot of fun. Keep up the hard and good work Trion. Thank...
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    No, not this exact problem but instead one...

    No, not this exact problem but instead one similar. I've experienced thrice now while playing the game freeze, ps3 controller stick on vibrate and no way of shutting off the playstation safely, I had...
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    Just happened to me as well on ps3.

    Just happened to me as well on ps3.
  22. Defiance game is wonderful and revolutionary,

    please Trion, fix the microphone issues though. Great work so far Trion, just don't get cocky or complacent. A certain video game designer is paying for taking advantage of fan loyalty at the moment....
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    Please fix mics, AGREED!

    This needs to be fixed, obviously. Defiance is a great game no doubt though, just fix the mics Trion. Thank you.
  24. I don't believe so, no.

    I don't believe so, no.
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    Just received invite, thank you.

    All is well that ends well Arkhunters. Thank you tech support.
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