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  1. we do.....

    Need the afflicted in game - for me best part of Defience but new enemies is always good

    (just feel there is not much benefit going down into San Francisco at the moment - and the lack of players...
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    easy once you know how

    Pulse grenade (use the assault class with fast grenade recharge) shoot shield with electric ammo (mod) run around once they revive then lob another pulse grenade rinse and repeat after shields are...
  3. Thread: I call bs.

    by Retchid

    think about it...

    if you can only carry 4 keys then you are going to use them straight away rather than horde them. Makes people play Arks and Coops as you need to do that to get more keys. As far as salvage goes I...
  4. not having any significant problems

    I3 core 8gb ram GTX 1050 ti windws 10 + 200mb download 20mb upload and a ping of 10

    After the first update since launch my game has been smooth and very little lag if any most of the time in siege...
  5. no issues

    I have no issues whatsoever in UK playing on USA servers - no lag, no freezes only very occasional for 1/2 second when server decides to have a chat with the computer

    I3 core Geforce GTX 1050 and...
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    makes sense to me

    With all the DLC unlocked and able to go to San Francisco from start of game it makes sense to restrict opportunity to get good weapons. In Defiance I found that I had more weapons than I knew what...
  7. Got on Sunday - it was admittedly laggy - but...

    Got on Sunday - it was admittedly laggy - but update cured it - no complaints at all still looks really nice in places
    Noobs do not let the terrible graphics in the first area put you off (nor the...
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    Got the game on Sunday very laggy (not connection) was jittery hell bugs hopping about. The update completely cured it.

    I3core +GTX now no problems at all unless put on High can be a bit jittery...
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    Maybe you should invest in a new internet provider if you intend to play online multiplayer - if you are moaning about a 12 minute download (times vary depending on which 3rd world country you live...
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    same here

    Also from UK did exactly the same thing after 2 hours went on to Europe and switched back to USA becuase there were no purples (always felt I was looking at bots on 360)

    My experience with 360...
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