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    it is 12:00 in the afternoon (pacific time). NA...

    it is 12:00 in the afternoon (pacific time). NA and EU servers are down still.
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    Yes, there was and still is an issue. the issue...

    Yes, there was and still is an issue. the issue isn't the down time. we all know problems happen. the issue is the lack of support, and absolutely no response from the moderator to this. which is...
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    Im still getting a Log In error. its 8:25 pm PST

    Im still getting a Log In error. its 8:25 pm PST
  4. rebooted my computer twice, still wont let me log on.

    since the first posting of my log-in issues, I have rebooted my computer to factory settings twice. let me tell you how disappointed I am to lose my entire hard drive so that I can "in all hopes" log...
  5. not able to log in since the new patch

    i updated Defiance for the new patch, and for some reason i had a successful update, yet when i click the PLAY button, it shades out the "PLAY" button and seems to go into a quick "self-check or...
  6. I love pvp. what I don't like is hunting down the...

    I love pvp. what I don't like is hunting down the best gear in the game just to compete. I just want to fight everyone on a fair lvl. why Is that so hard to comprehend?
    any ways out of the 150...
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    Pvp soccar

    I thought id give an out-side-the-box- suggestion.

    toss 30 people into an arena, with apposing nets, and a very large soccer ball.
    bullets, boomers and swords are fair play.
    30 minute games...
  8. true balance by observing those who trailed a path. Halo

    I think Trion put pvp in Defiance like those kids that try half court shots from behind their backs, yolo style. they know the shot counts, but for all they had, they just said yolo, hoping for a...
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    keep up the good work guys. I love that...

    keep up the good work guys.
    I love that Defiance hosts holiday events.

    can you possibly host major sports seasons, with costumes, weapons and cars?

    like football season could have an awesome...
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    can we just maybe, I don't know, auto pick up...

    can we just maybe, I don't know, auto pick up nades and stims. not sure why we don't, prob because people would be spamming nades everywhere, but you could just lower the drops rate to compensate. ...
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    + 1 to dirt bikes and passenger attachments. + 1...

    + 1 to dirt bikes and passenger attachments.
    + 1 to Gliders also.
  12. Easter Jackpot Weapon: ZomBunny BrainsHound

    just a personal craving to see this weapon made...

    an Easter jackpot SMG BloodHound Collector weapon.

    basically a Defiant Few BloodHound, that looks like a zombie bunny. How cool would that...
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    Bullet Ball

    Give 2 or 3 teams a large area with goals to defend, and set em up with a huge ball.
    Impacts from rounds, explosives, fists and grenades will guide the ball to a team's goal.
    Give everyone 3X the...
  14. WTB Bloodhound Quick Repeater 5k EGO+

    Bloodhound Quick Repeater Sniper with bio or corrosion effect.

    1 mill for random effect
    1.5 mil script for bio
    2 mill script for corrosive

    OJ 7th Legion Shield when shield breaks;...
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    New Summer Timer Ride.

    You know you want it.....
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    New Enemy Type Suggestions

    I was just thinking over how there are bosses in this game, and they are enjoyable to fight against....
    but playing them repeatedly, lead me to think about how the phases of most boss fights are not...
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    Server Auction House

    Ever had that though; "I don't want to vend that Weapon/MOD, its a nice T4-T5 /NAN/, and someone could use it, but im short on inventory space and there is no trade chat or "Auction House", so the...
  18. Hungry to spend Bits, no feast though.

    I just want to say, I love this game.
    It has a great many positive reasons to jump in your first time, and to continue on past the grind.
    For free to play, its a dream come true, with very few...
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    Map Suggestion

    It would be nice to have a: "Place Permanent Marker" option on the map.

    It would also be nice to add a personal "side note" to any "Permanent Marker".

    There are a number of locations id like...
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    Bloodhound Sniper

    Name: WANTED

    Based on a Stationary Defense Turret. This Mobile "Lock-On" Head Hunter Sniper will make you a pro, or make you feel like one, as you lock onto your target's head and say; "Look Ma,...
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