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Thread: Any Help?

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    Any Help?

    So, I've discovered that they you can now purchase bits on the Dashboard beta. It asks for USD instead of MSP when you go to purchase. However. When I tried to purchase it said Connection Error? Yet my connection is completely fine. Now it's telling me "Bits Pack Purchase Pending." Constantly. Any help? I've restarted my xbox like 5 times and checked my connection twice. There is nothing wrong.

    Any Help? Dx
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    i used some MSP for bits and it took 2 days for it to quit saying pending and for me to get my bits...

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    I personally wouldnt even touch that feature yet since it is part of the dashboard beta and likely isnt fully implemented yet. However it is a beta so there are likely to be problems. Thats what a beta is for anyway.

    I'd say give it a day or so and try again.

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