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    Great List of Forum Game Guides

    Those that know me know that I love information, collecting it as well as sharing it. I feel that people need correct information so they can watch out for the farces out there in the badlands. I have done a lot of personal research on things and have shared that to help others. I have created 3 great guides myself, with 2-3 more currently in the works, and have linked a lot of good guides in my signature. However, signatures can only be so big so I have decided to start this thread to share to the community all the great guides found on THIS forum. Many posts get buried in a matter of days and never seen (so I will be linking this thread in my signature in the future as well).

    What you will find here: Great guides on game mechanics, guides for new players, guides for understanding synergies/mods/nano effects/shields.

    What you won't find here: Trader guides, item pricing guides, weapon classification guides, etc. Not because I am against these guides, but most of them are built on preference, and we all prefer different things.

    Please Help this thread: If I missed a guide that discusses something that's not listed, post it, PM me whatever. Any that are helpful and meet the above criteria, I will edit into this list. Sometimes there may be 2 or more guides on the same thing. So in order to avoid clutter, I will link the one I feel has the most and best info.

    With that being said, here you go:

    Cronus Reindeer Guide

    SiN's Ultimate Guide to Weapon Mods and Synergies

    SiN's Nano Effects Quick Guide

    SiN's Shield Guide

    Mav's Guide to Weapon Bonus Rolls and More

    HP and Regen Rates Tested

    The How to Guide for When You're in the Bay Area (Huge guide)

    Guide to Scopes and Sights

    Tips and Tricks Guide

    Infector Guide

    Donnyride's EGO Recharge Research

    SiN's List of Weapons

    NEWBIES! Taaltos' forums guide. Make your life easier

    Taaltos' Guide to How to Submit a Ticket

    Defiance PS3 survival guide (Lag & disconnects)

    Notturno's PvP Guide

    How to Get Voice and Chat Working (VIDEO GUIDE)

    How to Report a Player and/or Hacker (VIDEO GUIDE)

    Official Defiance Emergency Guide

    Arena Hints and Tips

    Charge Blades

    Weapons' Range and Fall-Off

    Help with Chat

    FOV Shift

    New Way to Kill the Warmaster Guide

    The "Expedition Survival" Guide

    Tutorial: How to Gold your Races

    Synergy List

    List of Manufacturer bonuses

    JP Rig Info

    Defiance Gun building 101

    I said I wouldn't list any non-forum site on here, but this one has been such a great source of info that I don't have a choice. It is very helpful.

    Defiance Data

    This last one isn't on the forums, and I haven't been able to track down a post with all arkfall codes. However, the following spreadsheet has been created by a fellow ark hunter/forum goer...

    Arkfall Codes in a GoogleDocs Spreadsheet

    If you know of a guide not on this list, let me know and I will add it if it meets the required criteria.

    I am always open to suggestions for more guides, as I like to research and make guides to help everyone out there. Thank you guys
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    List of Great Guides

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    You hit all the ones from my sig except the Falloff damage one. Will be adding this page to my sig now.

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    Here is one I finished the other day:

    I thought it would have gotten more attention, but it would seem the forum is morphing negatively so fast and there isn't much room for helpful stuff between the "Nerf this" and "where's my DLC" threads.


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    Don't despair Donnyrides, some people out there do appreciate research into the game mechanics, and are very grateful to the people who produce it. And even if only a few of us actively talk about it in the forums, I can tell you that my clan mates are happy when I explain stuff to them, using material that comes from people like you. I feel like your EGO power recharge thread is a little too specific for me to put in my sig, but it should fit perfectly in Sin's list.
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    Make it a sticky!!!

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    Great list of guides here. It is always good to see people trying to make Defiance a better place for all those involved!

    A sticky would be awesome. It would be nice to have the all of information that players such as yourself, who went through the hard work to gather, in one spot that could be easily referenced.
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    Awesome stuff JxSiN and for putting all of these in one place. Linked this thread into my signature!
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    This arkfall code list was made by a forumite, I think it was Superbike32 but not completely sure. If it helps, cool, if not cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maitreakow View Post
    You hit all the ones from my sig except the Falloff damage one
    I removed that and every other guide I've done on this forum in response to the behavior of forum staff here, so that information is gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexri View Post
    I removed that and every other guide I've done on this forum in response to the behavior of forum staff here, so that information is gone
    ^^ Sadly this is why I didn't list it last night as I was going through all the guides I had bookmarked on my computer. It sucks that the community is being somewhat punished because Trion's Defiance team is horrible at public relations. I am hoping the new EP will change that, buuuuuuuut not getting my hopes up. He hasn't really said anything we haven't heard before.

    @Donnyrides, I knew there was one I had missed. I added your research to the list
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    List of Great Guides

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