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    Razer Nostromo and Defiance

    I was wondering if any one had a chance to use Razer Nostromo with Defiance, and if there was any place to DL profiles for Defiance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexfd89 View Post
    I was wondering if any one had a chance to use Razer Nostromo with Defiance, and if there was any place to DL profiles for Defiance.
    yep, I use my n52 as well as a naga. Dont know of any profiles though.

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    i set up my own.

    i have a universal base template which is subdvided into mmorpgs and shooters more or less. this is based on the shooter one i use.

    it's a work in prgress for some binds, like i have shift in two places.

    insert is my mumble ptt key, and home is my fraps record toggle.

    i actually have keys left over with defiance for the most part, i mind bind some menus to it.

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    I started out using my Razer. It worked just fine and I enjoyed it.

    But, and I know I'll get hate from the PC crowd for this, I plugged in my microsoft controller and ended up enjoying that more. Both worked just fine though. I still planning on messing around with my Razer to see which I like more.

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    i use a g13 and love it
    nice thing is the analogue stick for driving

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    i use the nostromo + naga. still fiddling with my personal setup. probably will end up with most of the bind on the mouse.

    it works fine, but i dont know of any available profiles.

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    I used a Nostromo and it worked great. I need to move my L bind though I kept hitting that while trying to crouch and that got annoying very quickly. Now we just need a "Loadout swap" hotkey

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    just ordered one today actually, see how it works next week.
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    I'm hoping that the game will have an in game re key setup. But if not I will be off to the store to get one of these devices.

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    There is no need to download any profiles for any game as the Nostromo allows you to customize.

    To any newcomers to the nostromo, it will take awhile to get used to using it so give it time.

    Btw, anyone playing with the Original Belkin N52TE/nostromo, before razer bought the patent?

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