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    Ask A Developer!?! (Friday Live Stream Question Round Up!)

    Have a question or questions about Defiance? Post them here! and we will be taking those questions and asking our Development team member (who is on the air) live on our Friday Live Streams.

    Questions asked will NOT be answered directly here within this thread. This threads purpose is to gather questions.

    Also any post within this thread that does not contain a question will be deleted/removed.

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    Questions 1:
    When can we expect fixes for the following long-standing issues

    1) Can't customize the competitive outfit for PvP
    2) While driving Cerberus, you can be killed if enemy finds your floating body somewhere around the map
    3) Salvage Matrix costs for high EGO rating players is atrociously high
    4) Participating in Major Arkfals carry high risk of getting Critical Error Boot from game
    5) Voice chat stops working requiring reboot of game to be back to normal working condition frequently. It seems to trigger whenever clan members log on or log off.

    Question 2:
    Have the developers tried playing against a team of players using nothing but Cloak and Canker Infectors? If they feel things are still balanced and fun for everyone, then please share your tips on how to counter such a team (something short of using Cankers yourself).

    Question 3:
    Does the Toxic nano do anything? I think I have noticed it on a weapon or two in the faction vendor stores and I have gotten Toxic Converters, but I don't see any visual feedback when it has triggered on an enemy. I also don't know what it is supposed to do... supposedly same as Radioactive but I don't know.


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    in Short:
    Can a developer please explain how BMG's Damage and Heal Charge work, and if Rolling Thunder affects BMG's?

    Long versions:
    Both DMG and Heal Charges have 0% charge on ALL BMG's, there seems to be no explanation on this, anywhere. The Heavy Coiler for example from Paradise Vendor, has the longest lifespan, while Stingrays are much shorter, Is this because Coilers have greater Damage Charge? Yet, both say 0% Damage Charge.

    Secondly, since BMG ammo is a Percentage, does a Synergy like Rolling Thunder (+5%/10% Magazine Size) have no effect on BMG's, or is it just not a functioning attribute atm (some might say "Broken")?... Ive heard other Synergys are messed up also, but i cant comment on them, no 1st-hand experience.
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    -What features had to be scoped down or removed because of the multiplatform hardware constraints?

    -How does the instances or "phases" that distribute the players in the game world works? Is the whole map instanced or is it divided by region? Also, is there some kind of merging mechanism to group low populated phases together?

    -Does female characters use the same animations from male characters in the game world and in the cutscenes?

    -Any plans to feature all group characters on the co-op maps cutscenes?

    -Why no facial rigging was done to our characters? Will we ever see our characters making any facial expression or talking?

    -At what point of development the devs decided to not have any kind of damage or setbacks for falling from too high?

    -The advertising for the game tells constantly to "live the world" of Defiance, although there are few mechanics to support role players. What are the constraints and technical difficulties that the development team is facing to add more things to support RPers like a social hub, the ability to sit in chairs, etc?

    -with the upcoming scope changes will it be possible to put a scopeless sight mod in a sniper rifle basically turning it in an old school hunting rifle?

    -what keeps the developers from making usable to players all the cars models that are already in the game, like the ones parked in the crater and the bug 'n' chug?

    -Do you guys plan to give a meaning to the starting "origins" besides giving an initial outfit and weapon? if not, why not put the starting outfits for sale on the first vendor along with the headgears that are already there?

    -How big is Defiance development team right now?

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    1. Loot tables have been described as having purple and orange weapons as drops, but there is zero evidence of this actually occurring. Can we get some information as to whether those drops actually exist? It sure doesn't seem that way.
    2. What is on the agenda for PvP-geared balance changes? Specifically, are there any plans to address Syphon, nano trigger rates, and Cloak?
    3. Can we ever expect a wider variety of EGO powers, and perhaps more passives that modify existing EGO powers? For example, something that would allow for a second Decoy jump, or explode the Decoy on a second activation.
    4. What sort of time table should we be expecting between DLC releases?
    5. Are there any plans to make any content that is actually difficult? Right now every piece of content is easily completed by the vast majority of the population. I would like to see something that only a small percentage of skilled players can actually complete.
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    Things people Are wondering about

    1. In the future are we going to see sukar and be able the get his outfit ?

    2. Is there going to be a flying vehicle ?

    3. Is the public test server going to be for all platforms ?

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    charge weapons. with the snipers and shotguns will they span multiple groups like semi-auto and bolt action sniper rifles? or do they only belong to one group?

    loot bonuses do they just increase the chance of a weapon dropping or does it also increase the chance of something better dropping? like if an enemy drops a white normally does the loot bonus increase the chance of gettin a green out of that enemy

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    Are you viewing the "Suggestions" section?

    If it "Yes", what suggestions do you find interesting? Is there any chance that you implement them?
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    Only four questions from me:

    1: High ego rewards - How do you plan to reward players that have hit 5000?

    2: Outfits/Outfit Bugs - When will the bug of the 'Ark Predator' outfit on Male Humans showing as 'SPD Heavy Trooper' be fixed? Myself and many other human male character players would like to be able to show off our accomplishment, regardless of how petty of a bug this is. I guess in the same frame of outfits, any update on PVP outfit change being re-enabled?

    3: Persuits after 5000 - Is there a chance of us getting a set of 'hardcore' persuits that require long term dedication in exchange for unique rewards such as outfits or vehicles? At the moment, the only real 'Achievement' style outfits are the ego 4000 + persuits one (See '2' regarding this.) and the one for 50,000 kills. I would really love to see some non-ego rewards for something like 1,000,000 kills, 1000 major arkfalls completed, 1000 co-op maps completed, etc. A sweet car, a nice outfit, something that I can feel like I am progressing towards even though I've hit 5000.

    4: Weapon Mods - Scope mods for Detonators, BMGs and Infectors, Stocks for Rocket Launchers. - Currently none of these exist, meaning that getting the most out of a synergy for any of these guns is impossible. Could we perhaps have something...Anything, to fill in those slots so that we can get the most out of our guns?

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    Many questions have been asked that were already on my mind, but something I don't see yet...

    1. Is there any way we could get a comprehensive list of weapon synergies and weapon mods that are currently in the game?

    2. We seem to be getting synergy mods for guns that we have not yet seen, such as a Scavenger mod for a Detonator or Sniper Rifle. Is this just an outrageously rare paring, or is it somehow not working as intended?

    3. There also seems to be only two Scavenger mods for AR/SMG/LMG's, a barrel and a scope. Are Scavenger clips and stocks as rare as a Scavenger Sniper Rifle, or is this also not working as intended?

    Thanks for your time!

    EDIT: Thanks to Sledge and Trick for answering part of this during the Livestream on 8/2!

    Any word, even in the most generic terms, about the rest of it?? Thanks again!
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