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Thread: Today!!!!!!

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    so JUST today.... I was online, playing with my friend Roseali. We were in a group, and we were driving around in Roseali's car... but something was really strange. Her car kept lagging, sinking into the ground... and the sound was out of sync. We tried switching cars - we got into mine, (level 20 black dodge FTW) and we took off again. This time, we were driving along. I could see Roseali's green sign above my car - and it kept lagging behind.
    Another time, when i was in Roseali's car, we kinda had an incident with a few volge. I was able to fight a few of them off, and revive Rose, but she said that her whole screen had just froze....

    Also, today when I was hulker farming (admit it, we all do it) in an undisclosed location, my entire screen just froze.... I had to ctrl + alt + del to bring up task manager, and the processes said that Defiance had stopped. That was today - tonight, however, it was okay.

    Because the big lag only happened today, could it be all the people from the US logging on? I'm from Australia, and my night time, is around about the US's morning.. kind of... i think. I do know that at this time, 11PM, it would be 9am where Roseali is. We worked out our time zones and such.

    So... lag issues? has anyone had serious lag in the last 24 hours? I do know that forever people have been complaining about lag, but I hadn't had any up until today, and maybe slight, unnoticeable patches over the last few days. Then, of course, the grand point in history when the entire North American server bonked out.

    Question: Last night, did the server re-set? I do know trion resets the servers every night. This sounds like a re-set issue.
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    last night I froze 2 times during a very short duration:. Also I did notice several times my friends car sunk into the ground very similar to what you just described I don't know why but yes that it did occur last night about 8 hours ago
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    Wish I knew... but sadly, it has been a few days since I last played this game.

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