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    Surveys would have been better, and they would have been more concise too.

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    What I suggest is in order to increase content, rather than erase episode missions, then bring them back for "reruns" why not just leave them there? That way we can play them with each new character we create. They can disappear like any other mission we beat unless we restart the missions over again, or create a new character. That would really make the content of the game enormous.

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    Are people still posting suggestions here? What is the point. They are probably reading them then going "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that idea is awesome, but yeah we not gona do that because 'what do we do? NOTHING! do we do what customers ask? NOOOO!'" They just were trying to keep us happy into making us think they cared and the best suggestions would be implemented. They can't even fulfill dlc content requirements. They can't even fix the problems already in game. Each dlc brings more bugs which means more work.
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    An area that you dare not venture into without other players because the enemies are TOUGH and not to be taken lightly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suenomojado View Post
    more story or back stories
    i agree. :^)

    + motor bike
    + hairdresser npc.
    + An option to see time played

    + Indogene characters

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    Historical Salvage, as I've detailed here:
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    Of course if it were "Official" it would be on TRION Site and by a TRION Moderator not this trolling...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaprime View Post
    + An option to see time played
    Already in game. Type /played into chat.

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    [QUOTE=OverloadUT;1148794]Hey everyone,

    In the interest of making Defiance as good a game as it can possibly be, our dev team asked for us to figure out a way to get a current snapshot of the community's (that's you!) hopes and dreams for the future of the game


    Currently, the population for playing pvp matches is dwindling and I have a suggestion for bumping numbers up.

    Trion is in a unique position to develop an unseen style of game play for pvp.

    First I would suggest reducing pvp death matches and capture and hold matches to simple archetype character loadouts to create a level playing field. Such as Assault Class, Sniper etc.

    We've all seen that and it works for a reason. Its fair.

    Next and here's the interesting thing: The weapons and shields would be randomly generated for the match.
    Even, fair, but wholly unpredictable and wild.
    It would be like opening a loot box with each match.
    Players serotonin levels would be pumping with each replay.

    You might even expand on the notion by having a playlist of death matches with an ascending quality of random weapons.
    For ex: round one white items, round two blue or whatever.

    The matches could continue on to purple and the winning team of the playlist would get to keep the item they used in the match.

    Maybe players could pay a scrip fee to enter into the item ladder tournament playlist.

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