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    weapons type identification and mods

    Right now, if I find the right menu, it tells me I have a 3 in assault weapons, 1 in everything else. The primary weapon I use says right on the title, its an assault weapon. But there are a million kinds of weapon like say, volton fragger, and I have no idea what it is. Nor, when I hold it, do I see a way for it to tell me my skill on what I'm using. Although there probably is, this game is not that good on telling you stuff. On the screen they give you the z menu, but what they should tell you is the <esc> menu, I had to use windows to leave the game for a week or so. So, how do I tell what category my weapons are?


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    So that list of weapons types that you already found in your Stats menu - they are the different classes of weapons.

    When you select the weapon in your inventory it should tell you what class it is.
    So in your inventory, select the weapon.
    It should bring up the details on the right side pane.
    At the top is the name and then a picture of the weapon.
    Immediately underneath that picture to the right hand side it should tell you what class the weapon is.

    The class of each weapon is important because some weapons do not fire as expected for their class
    eg. Heavy Assault Carbine - is an assault rifle class weapon but can only fire semi-automatic
    eg. Clustershot - is combat shotgun class and looks like a shotgun but fires small grenades like a detonator
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