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    How did they bust the game for 64 bit systems?

    What the crap 3 days away from dlc and they manage to jack it up for 64 bit systems.
    And here it is the weekend so chances are pretty good we wont get it fixed before dlc hits.

    This is just incredibly annoying. Any idea on a possible fix trion or we just supposed to hang in there like always?
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    I blame microsoft, also there is a sticky about the ETA on the fix. Although, they have a fix for Rift already....
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    I have a 64 bit system and the game runs fine for me. Are you referring to the windows update that broke the game? Because that's not really their fault. They can't code around a game breaking operating system update before it even exists.

    The fix is to uninstall the windows update, until Trion issues a patch.

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    broke it again haha

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