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Thread: Energy harvest

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    Energy harvest

    I can see the icon for the mission on my map, when I travel to it there is nothing there to start the side mission

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    Im trying to find this out to.....
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    Energy Harvest is a Volge Siege Mission. It will only appear during a Siege, get the side quest during the Siege and complete it. The quest will tell you what to do after you complete it

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    Thanks for letting me know

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    do we have to do that in order to get new story missions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phazeN7 View Post
    do we have to do that in order to get new story missions?
    The new story mission shows up as a blue icon on your map, it is called whispers scream. It's located some what east of top notch. It starts with a data recorder. Then leads you to two more data recorders that lead you to the arena at diablo lighthouse. You have to get silver in all 5 arenas to finish the "quest" and get your charge blade and castithan mask, then you are done with the story.

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