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    the arena are...

    the arenas are as enjoyable as watching paint dry.
    half the time the maps are so buggy they are unplayable, and when there isn't a major amount of lag the enemies don't start spawn until 30 seconds into the map and always on the complete opposite side of the map as you. then at about 30 seconds left you get over whelmed with enemies but can't even kill enough of the to get a bronze half the time.

    props to any one that is actually able to get gold on them but i can barely get bronze due to the many issues that are plauging the areans.

    imo the areans should have been the free part of the dlc because they are by far imo the worse part of the dlc.

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    in before they lock cause you speak the truth
    worker bees can leave
    even drones can fly away
    the queen is their slave--Fight Club

    Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

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    This thread title fails the descriptive test so I am closing this thread! Thanks.
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