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    In an ideal world people wouldn't even use these boosts to fight the dark matter adds (they're easy and fast enough to kill with a bunch of people). They would keep them for the monolith itself. I don't see that happening though...

    I wish EGO boosts worked differently. Instead of activating instantly, you would get a charge that you can use whenever you want within the next minute or so. Then people could choose to activate it when a motivator or the tachmag drive is exposed. And you couldn't be griefed by people who activate the boosts when no one is in sight.

    Also, if the chat worked right, I could yell at others to stop doing it. It sort of worked for skitterlings, sometimes...
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    I usually just stand next to one until someone activates it lol, i make sure i got a good angle against the monolith or towards DM

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    Once again, this is not completely correct. Using the EGO boost during the "defeat the waves" breaks is stupid, but using the EGO boosts during the "destroy the core" breaks is acutally a good idea. Kill all the bad guys, then boost and hit the core to blow it. (DON'T FORGET ALL DARK MATTER ARK FALLS INCLUDE BOTH TYPES OF MINORS.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deirachel View Post
    Once again, this is not completely correct. Using the EGO boost during the "defeat the waves" breaks is stupid, but using the EGO boosts during the "destroy the core" breaks is acutally a good idea. Kill all the bad guys, then boost and hit the core to blow it. (DON'T FORGET ALL DARK MATTER ARK FALLS INCLUDE BOTH TYPES OF MINORS.)
    And sadly, yesterday, for the first time since i play this game one arkfall timed out.
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    I have yet to fail a DM Arkfall, but I know that day is coming. Like I said it is greed that some do it but for the most part it is just children being children (I blame their parents). Contacting Trion concerning this matter is a joke as they don’t even respond to most things now days. Hell last night they reset the server and nothing was posted on the forums and only got a 15 min warning in game. Plus if we did all they will do is nerf all the fun out of it like everything else.

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    I play how ever I want to play. I usually park myself near it and wait until I see a large HP enemy appear or until someone else uses it. But, if I am at the last arkfall and the one I am at is ready and I see another one charging, I'll use it and run towards the one charging it at light speed to keep it going. Don't really care if someone else is upset about that - if they are upset, they should get their OCD in check.

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    Last night the DM Arkfall took forever but didn't time out. Compared to over last weekend it seems like Trion added more DM toons because there was a slew of them and over the weekend I could barely find one. That or people just killed them alot faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Escyos View Post
    I wager many people are unsure as to what that does. I did my first DM arkfall a few days ago and had no idea what that was when I used it.
    Yeaaaah, just like people didnt know the skitterlings opened up crystal weak spots. Remember when they "fixed" that and there was magically less explosives used? People are always going to grief arkfalls. Now they will do the green thing more because they know it gets a rise out of people.
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    For one I did not know using the boost made it unavailable later, I am used to games where when a boost pops you power up. I thought they were on a timer and would pop reguardless of when the last one was used. Plus grabbing the boost keeps the DM NPCs from grabbing it, which is a good thing (yes I have seen a few fights where this was an issue). If I had not seen this thread I would not have any way of knowing I was wrong.

    That said, I am not running around green during the Monolith fight. I do use the boost on the crystal when I can (and yes I did seem to be the only one doing that) In the final fight I am usually too busy or out of position to grab a boost, let alone use it on the Motivator or tachmag drive. Have to try that tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas1975 View Post
    A little Respect goes a long way. It seems like some people think it is cool to run around Green at major Dark Matter Arkfalls. This is not what the government meant by think green. You are hurting a lot of players because the longer the Arkfall last the greater the chance someone has of getting a DC. So please stop setting off the Ego charge when there is no enemy to kill. It is pointless.
    You can either decide to be angry about it (not saying you really are angry), or live with it, or see if you can get them to stop by asking.

    The problem is with so many people at the DM arkfalls and all that happens in them, and with some using BMGs to make sure they get all 6 keys or for tagging, explosions, vehicles, and all that--lag happens. And some people just don't have the timing down right or don't know what that's for--still happens, people don't get it. As for lag, sometimes it makes it impossible to see enemies-and I know all the rampant BMGing does that too. And people often have their tvs turned down so their mics don't pick up the audio or because they don't want to hear EGO talking anymore. So she could say "watch out for stampeding elephants" and a lot of people would never hear it.

    It isn't simply a matter of the longer the arkfall takes the more people will get DCed. If that's the argument to be used then we should have a list of things people are not allowed to do at arkfalls because people will get DCed. A lot of people don't realize what contributes to lag and don't relate it to something they're doing because when they cause it, it lags someone else out.

    An example is if I'm constantly spamming my BMG and not really healing anyone, I may not lag myself out, but I will lag a lot of other people out. If a few of us are driving our Raptors around at arkfalls, it won't lag us out but might lag out someone riding in the back or other people at the arkfall. If doing these things lagged out the person causing the lag, they might understand it better.

    It really would help if people thought about it for a second and realized it's best to go green when either the Monolith is on the ground or the Dark Matter guys, but it's unrealistic to think everyone will always do the best thing.

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