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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinesun View Post
    He and his wife quit Defance and Rift and have no interest in coming back after some actions were done by a certain person affiliated with both games. :/ All indications are in emails that he's certainly doing well patronizing other games and companies.
    Thanks for that. I did wonder what happened to him as he definitely seemed a decent sort.
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    "I've played a total of one whole night, since launch, without multiple disconnection issues - Here's the deal - There's lots of other games out there to play now so I'll carry on playing most nights, as I do now, but the first time I get disconnected, I'm off to play something else - How's that for you Trion."

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    4 maybe 5 people on my friends list online in defiance at a time....if they keep changing everyones inventory for the worst they will have officially sapped all the fun away from killing enemies with awesome weapons....JUST SAYIN..IF CONTINUE TO MAKE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WEAPONS LESS EFFECTIVE WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT TO GRIND FOR THOSE AWESOME WEAPONS....

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    i venoticed what trion is doing...

    every item they have nerfed an item..it was an item of high value sought after by most of the community ....everything they do is to promote the trading of the "Best weapons & Gear" usually weapons anchored in some big traders inventory...

    think about it.....

    how hard wast it to acquire a ground pounder before the mag bonus nerf

    How hard was is it to get a grind fragger before the mag bones nerf considering some had 24-34 rounds in them and then how much easier did it become to get one after the second round of nerfing...

    how hard was it to get a good immunizer before the they took away the strain reducer....then how easy did it become to get an immunizer after the second round of nerfing they went thru.....P.S THEY WILL END UP SINGLING OUT THE CANKER FOR NERFING SOON JUST WATCH.watching trions actions i do believe the canker is next in line for nerfing because it has gained high value to the trade community due to the fall of the immunizer and other simi auto infecter's that are no-longer combat effective

    How amazingly hard was it to get a saw...even one with bad rolls before they nerfed it....now i see saw's for trade all day and anyone can attain one now for 3 quarters less of an offer

    THEY WILL BE TWEAKING THE REFRESH ON GRENADES BUT THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND...The pro 55z grenade is the best in the game and why is that...because it has the power of a pro 55w but it has a faster Refresh time...now if they change that...having any pro 55z grenade suddenly means nothing as it is no different from the rest of the legendary grenades....wondering what they will nerf next?? ...all you have to do is ask yourself what does the trade community value most

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    Trion created this cluster F*U!!C>*&K that defiance is in 6 months after launch-don't expect much it just leads to heart break.

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    Move on, like most people do; play for a month or two...all happy and shouting praise...and then they realize the truth which is....

    Trion does not care and this game has been stamped with FAIL by their suits.

    And what does that mean?

    Poor patches that take eons to come out that do next to nothing, poor testing of said patches, a small dev team that has like 3 people max, game breaking bugs galore, extremely shoddy DLCs, and near non-existant development of actual meaty content.

    If 5+ months of this has not proven that to most people, then I don't know what else to say other than....I predicted this in alpha and it's all come true.

    You like shooters? GTAV is out soon with a MP that looks to have 100x the depth than Defiance ever will. Same with BF4. And if you are a MMORPG fan then FF14 RR might tickle your fancy since it is really well done; come play.

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