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    since i finished dlc 1 , i have been playing payday 2. has anyone heard when dlc 2 comes out for this game, and if it will have achievements?
    Don't worry, Payday's first dlc will go out soon (a real soon, not a Trion's soon).

    And I'm almost sure that once Defiance dlc #2 will go out, after one week, we will all say "when dlc #3 goes out?", because none of what we are waiting for will be in next dlc.

    Btw, Raptor with shooting passengers will be in Defiance 2 (too hard for actual devs team to make it happens now).

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    i enjoyed this game , bought the season pass, but after there is nothing to do for me in defiance anymore and DLC2 doesnt look promising at all without any new coop maps and doesnt even has a release date yet , i honestly stopped caring about any DLCs and moved on to play FFXIV and GTAV

    repeating the same coop maps and arkfalls hundrets times isnt fun anymore , also most of my friends not playing this game anymore either

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    what is there to look forward to in dlc2 ? able to call your own arkfall ooh i forgot we get to go inside them, wowweeee.

    I honestly think that adding new co-op and deathmatch maps is too hard for trion to handle

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    WWWoooo. Brave man

    How Dare you use them words " 2nd DLC!" LOL
    After the first one came out pretty much everyone said who cares when the next one comes out. Most have left the game and others will be back from time to time but unless the game has more to do it's pretty much dead. the contracts are a bore 10 million times over. How about anything new. I recently ran the melt down plant just for fun and it was great just to do something different! I had forgotten about that. How many 99er's can you kill? WTH!!!! My favorite time on this game in the last four weeks was fighting a Hulker along with a Monarch bug and the Volge joined in the giant fight. Even got some tanks in the fight cause I led them down the road over by last chance area. I'll also lead the Volge into the iron Demon ranch just to attack everyone who's just standing around. Funny.

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    Glad I never bought a season pass
    ..and make new friends.

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