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    PC EU help/advice?

    Hi guys

    I already play a lot on my ps3 EU but I work away a lot so thinking of getting a PC version so I can use it in my laptop whilst away.

    I'm not big on PC specs etc but my laptop is pretty new, 4 gig of ram and a decent graphics card. I can run diablo 3 for instance no problems.

    Just wondering whether u need a laptop built by NASA to run defiance or is it ok? Lol

    Also, how much is it going for and where is best/cheapest to get it do u guys think?


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    IMO, your lap top will work. 4GB is plenty enough and any fairly new graphics card will work. One of the very best places to get the game for PCs is Steam. You can download the game there. It's $10 USD IN THE USA, prices can vary a LOT around the world.
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    Steam translates prices 1 to 1 from USD to Euro :/

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