Defiance 1.104 Patch (hotfix)
Release Date: 10/2/2013 @ 10 AM PDT / 10/2/2013 5 PM GMT
  • Seriously improved the overall value of Tier 4 Lockboxes. They will no longer drop any uncommon (green) gear.
  • The Volge Battle Rifle Gun MK II through IV now appropriately drop from Volge Sieges...for real this time!
  • The pursuit "Volge Violence" no longer requires CS assistance to complete.
  • The North Point siege should no longer stall out at stage 5.
  • Replay rewards can now be earned by replaying the main storyline quests.
  • Fixed an appearance error for female characters wearing Echelon Specialist armor while on Team 2 in Competitive Multiplayer matches.
  • The interactions of a player who becomes incapacitated are now properly cancelled.