Defiance 1.106 Patch (hotfix)
Release Date: 10/26/2013 @ 10 AM PDT / 10/2/2013 5 PM GMT
  • The plague returns for Halloween. Vaccine Synthesizer sieges appear at Kenn Farms, Bolinas Smeltery, Chinatown, and Diablo Oil.
  • The outbreak continues! Plague emergencies now appear at low frequency all over the bay.
  • Fix for North Point Siege Stage 5 (Fixing case where North & South Footholds locations did not increment Siege Stage 5)
  • Weapons between rating 1000 and 2000 will now appropriately roll for their nano-effects. There was a serious drought.
  • Charge pistols over rating 1625 will now roll for mod slots rather than being empty and sad.
  • The Crater should now load more quickly and predictably.
  • Extra Life is coming! Look out for surprises.