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    So... what other "shooters" do you play, and why?

    As mentioned previously, I enjoy Defiance a great deal. But it's not my only shooter. I love it primarily due to PvE/co-operative focus, the look/feel of the shooting mechanic and relatively spacious map. It's the sort of game that doesn't require a huge amount of thinking or strategy (though a bit of planning ahead certainly helps), and I mean that as a compliment. It's just FUN.

    But it's a VERY different animal compared to the real reason I switched from consoles to the PC - Arma (specifically Arma 3). A totally different gaming experience, obviously. More mil-sim than run-n-gun, a HUGE map (main island is 270 square kilometers), incredible graphics, PvE is primary focus and co-operative play is a must, but very, very slow pace. Could take 10-15 minutes in a ground vehicle to get to the main objective, unless you come across someone flying a transport chopper willing to give you a lift. And when you get there you might well be 1-shot-killed by the AI. I enjoy Arma 3 almost for the exact opposite reason I enjoy Defiance - it's a slow/realistic "battle pace" that necessitates planning and forethought. The fact that you can be 1-shot-killed makes it exciting. But you have to at least a couple of hours to sink into a gaming session (ideally a lot more) to be able to take some meaningful objectives with team mates. Oh, and the crowd is generally older and more mature than the typical "shooter" crowd; voice communication is usually similar to real world military communication. Very unusual to hear kids running around. And you'd know - as oral communication is a must.

    I did briefly enjoy the CoD franchise, but the teenage smack-talking became too much, and I've had to let it go. Plus the maps just felt so incredibly small that pace became ridiculous. That's when I switched to the Battlefield franchise - which I did enjoy for a while, until I found Arma 3. What Battlefield is to CoD (larger maps, more emphasis on strategy/teamwork vs run-n-gun), Arma is to BF (times 10).

    I was mighty tempted to get BF4 upon release (played BFBC, BFBC2, BF3 for years), but I just can't seem to do it. Seems pointless now that I have Defiance and Arma 3.

    So - what other shooters do you enjoy, and why?

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    I was playing Firefall for a time, but nowadays the audio they use causes my machine to chop and choke, and I also am not a fan of permanent gear breakage, considering the effort one must put into crafting great stuff.

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    BF4 currently on PC.

    I'll be getting Killzone: Shadow Fall for PS4 and CoD: Ghosts on Xbox One, too.

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    Outside Roanoke, in Virginia, on an actual pc.
    I still play S.T.A.L.K.E.R., 1 and 3.
    It's a seriously gritty futuristic eco-disaster combat sim series.
    Been playing it for EVAR.

    The (free) 'Complete' updates that were independently released for the series make it a much better game by pulling all the bug fixes that the community wrote themselves into neat edited packages, and the graphics were independently enhanced to hi-rez at the same time.

    The lower-rez youtube vids don't do it justice, but can be kewl to watch.
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    I do not trust those people.

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    GTAV... because I love me some Rockstar Games.

    Max Payne 3... because I love me some Rockstar Games.

    All three Uncharted games... because I love me some Naughty Dog.

    Defiance... because I love me some Dawn Patrol.

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    eh I play pretty much every one that gets released when they do at least for a while... if you mean ones that actually lasted on my harddrive more than a week past release than...

    Planetside 2 - even with it's problems there simply is no other place to go for larger scale combined arms like it
    Max Payne 3 - cause shooting people in the balls in slow-motion is always fun
    Borderlands 2 - Fun gameplay, awsome weapon system and great story
    Far Cry 3 - not only fun as hell but a shooter with a decent story and an actual character arc --- also Vaas

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    Planetside 2. I love me some large scale combat and, as it stands right now, Planetside is the only place worth going for that.

    Global Agenda. Fun, quirky little shooter, passes the time.

    Tribes Ascend. Jetpacks and guns ..... need I say more?

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R is, quite possibly, one of my favourite games of all time. I love the Fallout games but nothing does bleak post nuclear better than this game.

    METRO 2033 and Last Light. 2 amazingly fun shooters with a decent story to go with it.

    Fallout 3/NV because mods.

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