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    Well youre whole spleen comment would be a stupid question for an extremely obvious reason.. medical is an extremely technical field.. ppl go to school for YEARS to learn that stuff so of course "normal" ppl asking questions about that makes perfect sense.. and how many times have you heard ppl say "dont use the internet for medical diagnosis.. if you have a problem go see a REAL doctor" never heard comments like that about looking up gaming info. however gaming doenst require a PHD so some of its answers are obvious and if they arent a little research helps.

    Lastly even if you havent played an MMO.. Ive seen enough commercials and hear enough about them that i would automatically assume that by their scope and size that they wouldnt have split screen (even if my assumption was completely wrong and they indeed didnt ave split screen) "yeah this game has thousands of players interacting on the same screen at the same time!!! Imagine 1000 little split screens taking up your tv... it would be microscopic" lol So yeah the only valid excuse anyone would have for not automatically assuming there is no split screen (even if they havent played an MMO) is that theyve been living under a rock. My grandma doesnt play video games or watch cartoons but she known what Pokemon and World or Warcraft is because they get talked about a lot. This is proof that you dont have to have first hand experience with something to at least know what is is and have some extremely basic idea of how it functions

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    You have inadvertently proved my point on the spleen thing. It is actually something that is SUPER SUPER simple, and super basic to understand that does not require years upon years of understanding. Rather it is something I learned in my sophomore/second year of college in a basic immunology course. This being said, it is something that you can easily pull out of a text book, or even wikipedia. IE it is simply the function of the spleen!

    And the thing is if you haven't played a mmo you can still assume that games of this scope can be played in split screen. For example look at the game StarHawk for the PS3. It has HUGE worlds, without loading zones, supports 32 players (split screen for up to two people on one PS3) and actually googling gave me the answer while writing my response.

    http://gamerant.com/starhawk-feature...n-mole-139360/ It features split screen multiplayer online & dual PSN Login.

    It appears it is possible. So is it still worth it to call someone stupid for asking if it is possible for defiance to do the multiplayer thing? (rhetorical question)

    Again, do not simply call one's question stupid simply because they may have a limited understanding of the way things work.

    Also I wish to add, while it is not as risky to assume with games as it is with the medical field since the medical field does deal with peoples lives. You still can come off quite ignorant if you believe that you completely understand how a multiplayer game can be structured without having spent years learning how to code, work with networks, work on engines, getting certifications, etc. And again even more so when you attempt to base your understanding of what is currently possible on games you've played in the past. (which may be built on technology that developers later deem too much of a hassle to rewrite)

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    "I learned in my sophomore/second year of college in a basic immunology course"

    Yeah because EVERYONE takes sophomore/2nd year college basic immunology.

    now if you said you learned that in HIGH SCHOOL (and it wasnt some fancy prep school that costs a lotta money and thus not the kinda HS EVERYONE would attend) THEN youd have proven your point. So still somethin like that isnt basic knowledge.. heck I didnt know that.

    Also starhawk has split screen and it has huge maps but at what point was it EVERY advertised as an MMO? We're talking about MMOs with split screen here not normal non MMO online games.

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    Again you go straight to the assumption that anyone who has never played an MMO will instantly understand that split screen is somehow impossible. This given the new games that have already come out (starhawk) which already support 32 people all online playing against each other on what amounts to a single instance. (I believe defiance is sharded into 100 man or so instances?)

    The point I am making is that anyone who has never played an MMO will understand that many people can play at once in one world and interact with one another, correct? These people may have also played games (such as Starhawk) that also let many players play against each other in a single area while doing so split screen. Correct? So how is it impossible (or even stupid) for someone who has not played an MMO and has as you mentioned only heard of what is possible to wonder, or inquire if it might be possible for split screen to occur?

    The point is, you are so willing to dismiss one's question as "stupid" because they may not understand things as well as you do. And frankly you fail to see this.

    Furthermore your assumptions of what is and what is not possible may not in some instances be founded on anything other than personal experience alone. Which in many cases is not very reliable, given than you may not truly understand the intricacies of what goes into what you are trying to discuss. (In this case the technology required in creating a game, networking, etc)

    All said, I think I am done with this argument. It appears to me that you appear hellbent on dismissing people's questions as stupid. All because they do not have the knowledge, or experience that would allow them to make the (some times obvious) assumptions that you are able to make. And nothing I say or continue to argue from this point will rectify this.

    Back on to the main topic at hand. Once again it's not that it is impossible to play cross platform. But unfortunately most likely due to disagreements with Microsoft, any plans for cross platform play were dismissed. Furthermore, you will not be able to play Defiance split screen, or with a friend on the same PS3/360 sorry

    Also really do not feel bad if you ask a, "stupid question" because you have the right to do so and learn from it.

    Edit for the post below me since I'd rather not make another post to take this further off topic. But sorry you missed the show.

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    *settles down with a bowl of popcorn*
    I used to be an eager Ark Hunter like you, then i took a "soon" to the ear.

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