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    Here's my "drabble." Word Count: 380


    Chase sat on the hood of his Challenger as the sky was riddled with dots of light and a full moon. The MP3 player was on, the car's sound system blaring away with Forever Young by Alphaville, comprised of people who may have been long gone for all Chase knew. He sat on what he considered the “top of the mountain” of Mount Tam, overlooking the mist-covered hills below that had a few projections of treetops. The cool air felt good to his throat, which had been sore for the past few days. One inhale led to a coughing fit and him spitting out mucus. He knew he was sick, but he knew he couldn’t take a day off. He couldn’t sleep because of his aching muscles. Chase knew what it was like to have the flu. He was too old to be sick, and frankly he didn’t want to waste the scrip on a doctor.

    Even with his nose stuffed and his eyes watery, he could see the subtle changes in the distant sky. Not long after that, he could see the sliver of light that was the top of the sun creeping over the distance.

    It’s good to be reminded you’re still alive to see another sunrise, he thought to himself.

    There was no way he was letting it keep him from doing his thing. Chase knew he could push through it, as he had done it before when he used to perform historical salvage with his father and his group, The Cowboys. They didn’t allow being a little sick slow them down from completing whatever goals they had for the day, and he sure wasn’t going to let it happen with him. He coughed as he climbed into the driver seat of the Challenger, and turned the key in the ignition. The Hemi roared to life from its long slumber, ready for another day of rambling and rolling. The song on the MP3 player changed to In Repair by Our Lady Peace.

    “Another buck,” he said. “Another day in the suck.”

    He navigated down the incline until he found the road, passing by the Crater on his way to the Muir Processing Plant.

    Bring it on, he thought to himself. I gotta feelin' today will be a good day.


    New Word: Photograph
    In-Game Name: Chase Lonehart
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    Cherri Bomb was her name now. It was the only thing she had left that her brother had given her. Paul Williams had given his sister. Sherry, the nickname one summer when they were at a pool and she was doing cannonballs off the high dive.

    Now, Paul was dead. Killed by Cheri during a fire fight with the mechanized human miners known as 99ers. They has captured Paul and turned him into one of them by replacing his limbs with prosthetics and corrupting his mind. He had been trying to slice her in half when she shot him. Only as he died did he regain his senses and recognize her.

    She’d had him buried in a small cemetery on the road between Top Notch Toolworks and the Muir Water Processing Center. Beside his tombstone she had placed another with the name Sherry Williams on it. That way brother and sister would be together forever.

    Cherri had come west to the Paradise territory, once known as the San Francisco Bay area to find Paul. To do this she had accepted a position of Arkhunter for VBI. Now she works for a Liberati name Soleptor, clearing 99ers from his mines.

    Each time she heads out on a mission, she takes with her, for incentive, the only thing she has left from her brother, a photograph of the two of them by that pool long ago.

    New word: Chickens
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    Jed had been stalking his prey for a few days now, careful to keep his distance to avoid spooking them. He hunted a small group of raiders who, a few nights earlier, attacked his camp, killed his companions and took several of his belongings. The first two sins he could forgive, his camp was temporary and he had no friends in the city, but the third sin was unforgivable in his eyes. So now he hunted them, seeking to take back what was his.

    They sat quietly around their small campfire, laughing and pissing among themselves as they drank the night away. Jedediah counted five, which were odds he would take any day. Not wasting a moment, he sprung out from the bushes and open fired on the group. Before any of them knew what was happening, it had already happened. One raider's brains covered another raider's face, who was also dead from having been shot in the chest. Another shat himself as before dying from his bullet wounds, whilst another slowly crawled away, crying in agony as both his legs had been shot.

    Jed changed his magazine before walking over to a cage with a cloth over it. Removing the cloth, the pair of birds inside began to bock and flail around as Jed picked up the cage and walked toward the raider crawling away, his doom swiftly approaching.

    "My chickens."

    New word: Surprise

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    Word Count: 264


    The first thought that crossed Chase’s mind when he woke up was where the hell he was. The second one, which came after he realized he was in a bed inside of a small trailer, was whom the Irantient woman was laying in bed next to him, which came as a surprise to him.

    He lifted up the sheet to see if he was naked underneath, suspecting that the drinking from the previous night had lead to drunken sex. He was relieved when he realized he still had his pants on, and the alien woman next to him was down to her underwear. He figured that they probably were making out and that one of them passed out, and the other one got disappointed and went to sleep. Chase knew that if it had been her who passed out, he wouldn’t have preceded any further than that. But then again, Chase did consider he was the one who passed out, as he was never good with alcohol. It wouldn’t have been the first time he wound up having sex with a female of the Votan species, but he was glad that it wasn’t the case this time. He knew for certain it wasn't Cass Ducar, despite some of the stories he heard about her.

    He carefully slid out of bed, looking for his shirt, socks and boots first. Finding his armor wasn’t hard, as it was lying on the floor next to the door. He carefully crept out of the trailer, getting to his Challenger and taking off.

    I’m not a fan of surprises, he thought to himself.

    New word: junkie
    In-Game Name: Chase Lonehart
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    Raxx hated going to The Crater, it wasn't his scene. Raxx grew up in the northern Californian forests of Mendicino. Stories of Mendicinos violent past were used to scare votan children if they didn't go to bed when their parents told them so. Going south into the crime ridden bay area was Raxx's partners idea. The two of them were to save up enough scrip to jump on a mag-line east to the town of Defiance. Raxx fell in love with Juda's the minute the young miner's roller broke down at the little café T'shinza ran after both her and Raxx's parents died. Raxx, Juda's and T'shinza both felt that Defiance was more open minded and wouldn't try to kill a gay Irathient who was in love with a Human.
    "Raxx are you almost done?! you have the only large mixing bowl and I need it for the pie filling." T'shinza was Younger than Raxx by only 4 years, she wore her Ginger colored hair up in a high and tight bun to keep it out of her face while dancing around the various kitchen machinery. Her skin was a pale orange and unlike most of her species she had no natural markings.

    The black fluid in the metal bowl smelled worse than Pow Schtako, it stained Raxx's hands as he dipped them into the dented bowl and ran his hands through his Ginger hair. He hated his crimson shaded features. His hair slowly turned from Bright orange to a deep ebon black. He knew Judas would disapprove, the man constantly told Raxx the fact that he loved every inch of the Irathient regardless of how Raxx himself felt.

    "That no good piece of **** Varus still hasn't paid me!" Judas stormed in through the side door that served as the main entrance to the café, business was slow across the bay and outlaying areas. T'shinza wiped her hands on her shirt and bounded over to Judas planting a gentle kiss on his cheek.
    "So nice to see you too, by the way I am attempting to make that apple pie thing you told me about... I hope you like it." Judas couldn't be mad anymore. Having no siblings of his own he took to T'shinza as his own flesh and blood sister.
    T'shinza play punched Judas in the shoulder as she went back to prepping the rest of dinner.
    "He's in the bathroom... moping... again." T'shinza thumbed the backroom as she went back to prepping some chickens to be fried later.

    Raxx ran the shower, all he ever wanted was a decent life for him and his sister. Ark hunting had become a very competitive business in the bay but with the influx of arkfall came the raiders and wore off the Volge. Ara Shondu put all ark hunters and Lawkeepers on high alert. Paradise unlike Defiance had no safty net protecting its towns, besides the fact that the towns of paradise were spread too thin. The creaking of the bathroom door jolted Raxx form his mental wondering. Judas shot him a wry smile and came to sit on the edge of the bathtub.
    "I think I just got our ticket out of here." Raxx tried hard to ignore Judas, this no doubtedly was another of his get rich quick schemes. Raxx sat in the tub letting the shower water wash away what loose dye there was.
    "I like the hair" Judas ran his fingers through Raxx's hair.
    "I'm glad you do, did you go see Varus about job op's?"
    "Better than that."

    Judas pulled a gold metal disc from his back pocket as he held it out in front of him Raxx slowly felt his world crumble.
    "Where in the hell did you get that?!"
    "I stole it from that **** Varus."
    Raxx jumped from the tub wrapping a towel around his naked form, in a panick he got dressed and started grabbing what he could carry.
    "T'shinza we need to get out of here... YESTERDAY"
    T'shinza rolled her eyes as she came around the corner, She was just about to make some gravy when she dropped the milk.

    "That's one of the two Kelevar." T'shinza began to pray in Irathient.
    "We're ****ed!"

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    IGN: Iskandar Sevim (ShaShaRee)
    Word Count: 390
    The last post didn't end with a word but began with one, and I assume based on his/her story that it wasn't titled laughing, so I'll go with that as the intended next word.
    So here's my first post on these forums, an RP drabble. Be warned, I would say it's pretty depressing.


    Iskandar Sevim was only seven years old when he lost both of his parents to Votan soldiers in the Siege of Manhattan. His life, like most other survivors of post-Arkfall Earth, has not been an easy or pleasant one. He came to earn a living on his superior driving skills, winning legitimate and underground circuits alike in pursuit of fame and fortune. After his treasured old world racing roller was repossessed by a rival gang, he traveled to the Bay Area to earn enough scrip to return to his beloved lifestyle. Getting there from the east coast was an enormous task in itself. Upon arrival, Iskandar soon realized that that had been the easy part of the journey to resume his racing career.

    Four years later and he is still far removed from his goal. The year is 2046 and Iskandar is 28; it's been five years since he last raced for scrip. Acquiring a racing roller has dissolved into a juvenile fantasy in Isk's mind. All that's left of that world are his ever-deteriorating skills driving a roller. Every time he gets behind the wheel of his decrepit orange Challenger R/T, a hopeless sigh escapes him. It had taken a year just to get money for a half-working set of wheels. Nearly another year to earn the needed parts for repair. He no longer wonders how long it would take him to get a race worthy vehicle. After losing his steady job at the Headlands Transit Depot, Isk's life has taken an even darker turn. His drug and moonshine addictions are fueled by mercenary contracting, arkfall raiding and even occasional roadside robbery.

    Racing, singing, dancing; even smiling and laughing are a thing of the past. The most laughs Isk has are melancholy in nature; remembering why he came to this godforsaken place with friends and companions that are long since dead. How naive and shallow he had been. To do something he loved for a living, earning money and respect and envy. He should have never let those thugs break him and take his life away. He should have fought to get his wheels back. In a drunken stupor these thoughts are rekindled in Iskandar. Crying, bawling, even feigning a smile at nervous passers by. But no more will he be laughing. Oh how far he has fallen.


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    Speed -

    The sun was beginning to set as Belle gunned the powerful V-8 engine of her white Challenger as she raced down the highway patrolling for dangers to fellow travelers. Belle loved speed and the Challenger fit the bill nicely. She smiled at the satisfying roar of the engine, then frowned at the thought that maybe the bartender at the Crater might not have her favorite beverage, then dismissed the thought with a shrug. He wouldn't dare - not after the five cases of wine she provided him the week before. She always stopped at the Crater to wet her whistle after a successful patrol.

    So far, the patrol had been pretty uneventful. There were a few small hell bugs on the road, but she hadn't even bothered to exit the car to deal with them. Belle had merely sped up and ran over the bugs, hearing as satisfying shriek and then squishing sound as she ran over each one in turn. She only had to back up the car once to get a bug that had escaped her initial attack.

    As Belle rounded a corner, her blue eyes narrowed as she saw a sight that made her bring her car to a screeching halt. Next to an old truck that had clearly been driven off the road, three humans on their knees and with their hands tied behind their backs were lined up in a neat row with their heads bowed. The humans were obviously local ranchers from the way they were dressed, but the five armed men standing over the ranchers were any thing but! Their colorful but odd garb, with the crested helmets and gas masks labelled them clearly as Raiders. She wondered how they could breath in those stifling masks, but quickly dismissed the thought as she began to focus on her deadly work ahead.

    The Challenger's brakes screeched loudly as Belle grabbed her SMG from the seat beside her and leaped out of the still moving car. She took out three of the raiders with a spray of bullets from her SMG and a splattering of blood on the kneeling ranchers. Suddenly the spray of bullets stopped with a resounding click from the empty chamber. "I can't believe I forgot to reload after my last patrol! What a rookie mistake," she thought to herself as the two remaining raiders leveled their assault rifles on her. Their shots sparked as they bounced off her defensive shield as she reloaded her weapon, but suddenly her movements were a blur to the two men as she was racing towards them. "Thank God and VBI," Belle thought, grateful for the prototype weapon that would sometimes trigger her EGO device to speed up her movements tenfold. "If only I could control it," she muttered under her breath as she bulldozed the two men, shooting the first man in the face and then gutting the second raider with the huge bayonet mounted on the front of her SMG.

    As Belle slung her weapon over her shoulder, she brushed her sandy blond bangs from her forehead, revealing a smattering of small star tattoos going from the corner of her right eye to her right ear, then put her hands on her hips giving a reassuring smile to the frightened ranchers. "Y'all are going to be fine now", she said, emphasizing her Texas drawl. She knew she looked quite imposing in her red, white, and blue Liberty Trooper armor that tightly fit her athletic but shapely form. Belle knew she was striking a pose, but felt was that all part of being a hero of Paradise.

    The smile on her rose petal lips quickly turned to a frown as Belle realized that the frightened look on the ranchers' faces had not diminished. Suddenly from around the far side of the overturned truck stalked a hulking figure in armor wielding a huge cannon connected to a metal backpack. "Holy Crap! Its a Tanker!" she whispered to herself. Unslinging her weapon with her right hand as she placed two fingers of her left on her temple to activate her EGO device, she was hit point blank with an explosive round from his cannon, knocking her to the ground. Her protective shield fizzled, then sent a perfect replica of herself running to the Tanker's left flank. The shield had triggered her EGO device to send a perfect decoy when it broke. As the Tanker turned to meet the apparent new threat, Belle thought, "It pays to be a 7th Legion Magistrate!" Then she simply disappeared!

    Her EGO device was usually tuned to the cloaking function, because Belle preferred to be able to get out of a bad situation as easily as she seemed to get into one, and facing a Tanker by herself was a bad situation indeed! She moved unseen behind the Tanker, then emptied her SMG yet again as she continually fired into his metal back pack. It exploded with a loud boom, then the tanker fell face forwards with a metallic clang. The battle hadn't taken long - probably less than ten minutes. Belle gently kicked the Tanker's foot just to make sure he was dead, then smiled once again as she moved to untie the ranchers.

    As Belle untied the last rancher amid verbal thanks and grateful if a bit frantic handshakes, she noticed a disturbing fact. The ranchers still looked fearful, but fearful of her. After thanking her, they couldn't seem to get away from her fast enough. "I guess they are intimidated by the little girl with the big gun", she surmised as she climbed back into her car. She shrugged, then started the lonely trip down the highway toward the Crater.

    Belle often thought it would be nice to have a companion on these patrols, like a Tonto to her Lone Ranger. She even thought about joining a clan for the fellowship, but she enjoyed her freedom and clans meant obligations. As she drove into the parking lot next to the Crater, she smiled widely at a sudden thought. After a few drinks, she was sure she would have a companion for the rest of the night, and absolutely certain she would by the time she was dancing on the tables. She secretly hoped it wouldn't take that long.

    For some reason, I thought the word was companion, but it didn't take long to rewrite it to fit speed. Since the word has many meanings and played such a big part in my story, lets have Challenger be the next word

    All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

    William Shakespeare

    Belle Starr is on PC/NA. Her story is on the Defiance RP Forum http://defiancerpforum.freeforums.net/ & Belle Starr Short Stories on Defiance Data! It's a FUN read! If you see her patrolling the highways and byways of Paradise in her white Challenger, say howdy!

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    The sun was starting to set as Daniel and Shi'ara raced across the broken road leading to the Bay Area, Daniel opened the driver's side window and lit a cigarette with his union jack patterned lighter, the wind blowing smoke towards his companion. "Really Blake, another one? Keep this up and the hellbugs will be the least of your problems" Shi'ara said irritatedly to the driver. "Ha... I knew you cared, love." His Yorkshire accent was still very prominent, despite leaving mainland Britain years ago. "Oh yes... Because I am just head over heels for you Blake." she retorted with derision. "I knew you'd grasp sarcasm eventually, Shi'ara. I told you Irathients and Brits aren't so different." He smirked arrogantly.

    The roller came to a stop, two men standing in front of a truck acted as a blockade prevented them from entering the Bay, these men wore leathers, had tattooed arms and wore gas masks."Get out the roller, we're going to need you to pay the toll. The Bay ain't for freeloaders." one of the men said, the other cackling behind his mask. Blake sighed, scratching his head.
    "Stay in the roller, love. I'll take care o' this." Shi'ara just shrugged and put her feet up on the dash.
    "Alright, tough guys. Take it easy." Blake said as he moved his right hand slowly towards the back of his trousers where his pistols was holstered. "I suggest the two of you back off and go home. Sound fair? Great." the two men looked at each other and laughed mockingly. "We changed our minds, hand over the Challenger and your Irathient harlot. As compensation for your attitude." one of them gestured before continuing their mocking laugh before the other chimed in. "Yeah, think of it as a 'nuisance Tax'."

    Blake sighed heavily "Y' just had to be arse holes, didn't ya'?" and without another word he pulled out his pistol shooting one of them straight in the head before turning the gun on the other and shooting him in the throat, surprise and shock halting any reaction. "Bloody Raiders. You there, behind the truck. Get out here, nice and slow." Blake shouted to the truck, the feet of the third had been visible through the gap of the undercarriage, the hiding Raider was seemingly stunned that he had been spotted but slowly walked out anyway. This Raider was not masked, he was untattooed but he still wore the leathers. His face was young and pimpled. "What're you, like sixteen?" Blake asked inquisitively. "I'm... uhm... I'm seventeen." a loud honking noise emanated from the Challenger, Shi'ara once again showing her impatience as usual. Blake waved a hand, dismissing her impetuousness. "Listen, kid. I'm not gonna' kill you. I'd probably feel guilty about it...Maybe." Blake looked to the side contemplating if he would or not, before shaking his head. "I want you to take yourself to the Lawkeeper. Tell him you fell in with a bad crowd and you need some work. I'll be checking in to see if you did. Understand?" The kid just nodded and ran off, clearly scared to his wits end. Blake just shrugged and got back into the Challenger. "Hurry it up, Daniel. I want a drink and the Crater isn't too far." to which Blake rolled his eyes and started the ignition saying "A thank you would have been nice...but the Crater it is." The roller drove off down the road, leaving the two dead Raiders behind for their trouble.

    - Figured i'd do the Challenger word as my debut post and keep the thread going.

    Word: Whiskey

    Edit: Woah, didn't realise the censorship was so touchy

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