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    Dominate Delta Bunker East pursuit bug

    Hi, i cant seem to "defeat the Piercer without dying", although i have done this mission 3 times today, and 2 of the 3 attempts teammates died, but i had not died, but i did not finished the challenge, so me and a few clanmates attempted to do this challenge again, we beat the piercer, and nobody died, and i still didnt finish the pursuit, i feel like there is a bug with this pursuit

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    Reach out to a GM for help with this pursuit, please.

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    funny, my clan and i did that one too. AFTER we'd had another co-op bug out on us, kept kicking the person who built the group, out of the group when we'd go into the instance. there are way too many bugs with co-ops ... our friends? they decided game was just too buggy to continue playing. this isn't just a "reach out to a gm please" issue -- it's a serious issue with game play and stability.
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    We ask you to contact a GM in order to do something for players while the issue is being corrected.

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    I earned it last noight, but the server died before the end cut scene, so it was erased on me. And yes, I did get the pop up saying that I earned it. Same thing happened to the achievement award for killing the War Master. At least I got the goal for it.

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    i still can't complete that pursuit. i tryed more times, kill him and not receiving pursuit. sad

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    Submit an in-game bug report, or go onto live chat - they will advance the pursuit for you.

    Had the same problem and it was sorted with no fuss.

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    That's correct, this pursuit is on our known bug list. However, our support team will get you squared away!

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    I'm having the same problem, still. I submitted a request 4 days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kobalobasileus View Post
    I'm having the same problem, still. I submitted a request 4 days ago.
    OK now for a third attempt to submit this reply.

    I am having the same issue with the Piercer part of the Pursuit. Completed the requirements multiple times before the 21st when I finally submitted a gm support ticket. Since then I have ran it a few more times with no one dying and it still hasn`t been advanced for me and no word from a gm on the matter. So while the ticket has been open I had the Progenitor kill shot popup tell me I killed the Progenitor and that one never advanced either so upgraded my ticket to include it. Still no word from them. Figured it would lighten their load seeing 1 ticket for 2 similar issues (Both kill objectives for a pursuit) instead of separate ones each.

    Beginning to think that I should do 1 support ticket for each occurrence of either issue and have it flash more support ticket issues to them for them to notice the first ticket to at least let me know they are looking into the issues

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