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    Could someone catch me up to speed on the new DLC?

    Hey i'm wondering what new guns and synergies they put in. Pictures and explanations would be greatly appreciated.

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    there is nothing new. Period. the incursions is misconstrued as something "new" but it's just a whole bunch of laggy emergencies linked together with a 15 minute siege at the end. nothing is new.
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    There is a thread in the Defiance Alpha Test Server forum called 7th Legion Vendor weapons where you can see screen captures of many of the weapons.

    They're basically core game VBI weapons models with a slightly different skin and fixed bonus stats with unique 7th Legion faction synergies.

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    This "DLC" really depressed me. I was thinking I was going to be fighting something new. So where is the 7th Legion?

    This shuffle of emergencies with about 5% new content (Or should I say previously unseen content) and 95% same ol' stuff has got me thinking they are doing the minimum requirement to honor their DLC obligation. It can barely be called a DLC by the standards of any other game.

    Trion: When will we see a new faction/enemy/friend/co-op map/explorable area/capture and hold/Deathmatch map? I keep getting the feeling you're just trying to throw in whatever was left over. Not adding something new. Either way I am really disappointed with the 7th legion. Mainly because there is no 7th Legion.

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