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    What could be added

    I'm not sure I should post this here be oh well.

    I see this game to have much potential. Not everyday you find a open world shooter pve game. But this is a crises-survival game, the world we know is destroyed and alien or mutants walks the earth an all. What I like to see, and I'm sure many will back this up, are customized vehicles, add mods to make the car stronger or move faster and you can mount guns on them. Sure I'm not the first to say that. Also I would like there to be more maps to explore or expand the current one. Also lets throw in a mobile mini-gun. I know there is one as a super weapon but lets have one that we can take around with us. And a super shield that we can deploy for protection. I know there is one for the spike but something for maybe a new Ego power for those who want to build a tank solider.

    I know all this will require funding's but this what I hope to come down in maybe months or years from now.

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    I agree and being a car guy would like to see more customization of the vehicles. Not going to happen.
    This game has had great potential since the alpha, a year later and that is still all it has.
    I've come to the conclusion that Defiance is little more the a contractual obligation Trion has with Syfy, and they treat it as such. They aren't going to put any more effort in to it then it takes to meet those contractual obligations no matter how good this game could be.

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    Ah ah ah...

    They can't even fix what they messed up, they need 3 attemps and one year to make a decent chat, they can't even make arena multiplayer, and they put a crosshair on vehicle that can't shoot...

    And you want vehicle customisation and more map...

    Ah ah ah...

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    I'd like to see jet packs myself. I know its probably a silly request but I keep running into trees all the time.
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