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    PVP Feedback and Suggestions.

    Hey Everyone,

    With the hopes to encourage a healthy pvp community and some amazing back and forth between the devs and the players. We are looking to get solid constructive feedback about both good and bad Loadouts, Items, Weapons, and anything you feel that is worth sharing with the community.

    Let us know what sucks, what maps you like, what you want in the upcoming maps.

    We will do our best to keep up on the feedback.

    Look forward to hearing your opinions.

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    I've played around 10 matches of competitive/shadow wars and here's what I think at the moment:

    + Very fun, fast paced gameplay.
    + Queueing works good, doesn't interrupt PvE gameplay.
    +/- Shadow wars is a great concept, but I don't feel the PvE mobs running around there have a big impact on the gameplay. The times I've been hit by a mob I could just walk away and not have any consequence whatsoever.
    - Shotgun feels insanely overpowered, especially in combination with stealth.
    - Rewards don't differ from the PvE aspect, doesn't encourage players to PvP.
    - All PvP modes lack the need of teamplay, I felt everyone was solo playing all of the matches.

    I also like the idea of a ranked PvP system, this would seperate the higher ranked players from the lower ranked so everyone can have a fun time PvPing. Additionally this would encourage players to play more PvP.

    Overall I really enjoyed the PvP aspect and I look forward to seeing improvements. Keep up the good work Trion!

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    I'd like to see some form of a stat page/leaderboard for PvP.

    Also, I've noticed some players remain invisible throughout the game. I've been invisible myself a few times, and noticed the enemy team was unable to kill/see me.

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    i queued all day ( i love the queuing btw , doesnt interfere at all , so kudos for that) but never had enough players to actually start the pvp

    hopefully in the coming days that will change.

    im going to throw a suggestion all the same as i havnt noticed it on my weapons yet. is there a weapon stat enhancement that would ofer +10(ect)% damage agaisnt humans? i.e tailored for but not exclusively to pvp?

    all ive seen is +damage agaisnt vehicles thus far.

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    The shotgun feels overpowered because someone can stealth with it? If anyone gets close to you with a shotgun using tatics and kills you..I don't see how that is overpowered. You should be aware of your surroundings and what to look for when stealth is in a game.

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    Followed all the directions to the letter and I still can't access my pre-order bonuses!! I also experience times where I can't interact with my surroundings!

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    -Weaken the Grenade launcher

    - Longer kill count for TDM

    - Have a 4v4 competitive play setup? Like clan wars and make a clan leaderboard to see who is the top dog in PvP

    - Longer Cooldown time for abilities and nades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YOURSHADOW01 View Post
    Followed all the directions to the letter and I still can't access my pre-order bonuses!!
    Oh no! It has invaded our PvP forum.

    @Jammy - I have to agree that I would love to see some +dmg / crit / etc towards players perks or weapon enhancements. Just for us PvPers.
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    Have some type of visual clue on cloaked players so they are not completely invisible

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    Quote Originally Posted by eclipsXe View Post
    Have some type of visual clue on cloaked players so they are not completely invisible
    Isn't.... there.. already one? Or am I seeing something else?

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