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    More maps!!!

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    one thing that has got to get fixed and has been issue for as long as i remember 7 teamates standing on top of a flag in ANY capture and hold type match as in SHADOW WAR or FREIGHT YARD, or what have you and not only will it some times not move , ive even had it where at least or 3 people on the flag and flag would actually COUNTER BALANCE against my team , or even with a skiterliing or an enemy NPC gets close to a flag as well itll make the flag change . and before anyone answers with " oh its probably lag" heres 2 reasons why thats not the case

    1 when this happens im not only one who sees it
    2 my own connection is not the issue i have played on wireless connection AND wired connection and still happens same amount of times.

    although wireless connection doies suck for MMOs ive found bit more lag on wireless but not as much as i expected this is definatley server side issue or just straight up glitch in the game itself

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    apply the same hop and scatter effect of ar, br ,sniper and pistol ect to rocket launchers, boomers, sticky sawed offs and bug guns why be able to hop and spam with some weapons and not others

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    the mass Blaster need to be nerf thx trion

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    Salut à tous je pense que le PvP doit avoir un mode ou nous pouvons créé des parties fermer entre joueurs de clan. Pour après créé des match entre clan . Je pense qu il y a trop d'inégalités dans le PvP via les nouveaux joueurs qui l'essaye car il on du mal à comprendre les méthodes pour pour avoir des jackpot en suprême bien règle . Il y a de sacrée problème de glicht des gens invisible toute la partie des hors Map des arme abuser en dégât d autre arme beaucoup trop patché car les personnes se son plaint ,accéder à du suprême cybering plus facilement et augmenter la chance dans looters à gros level expédition .

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    Rectification du PvP. Svp

    Je pense que le PvP doit être plus égal ,que le on puisse le créé en session fermer pour des affrontements entre clan ,plus de liberté pour des cybering suprême et faciliter de Loots en au level d expédition. Trop de glicht en PvP et de carte qui ne fonctionne même pas sous cause de critiques

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    Either let us face bots to get achievements of remove the PvP since no one players it anymore

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    Yes the invisibility thing was an issue on 360 as well. I hope they can fix this.

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    I dont think its an issue. Its just another players game style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddington View Post
    Hey Everyone,

    With the hopes to encourage a healthy pvp community and some amazing back and forth between the devs and the players. We are looking to get solid constructive feedback about both good and bad Loadouts, Items, Weapons, and anything you feel that is worth sharing with the community.

    Let us know what sucks, what maps you like, what you want in the upcoming maps.

    We will do our best to keep up on the feedback.

    Look forward to hearing your opinions.

    Senior System Designer
    make the pvp where you start pvp with four people

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