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    Any reason to believe the low frame rate is just a launch issue?

    Even the Defiance start screen stutters as it loads. Should I expect any improvement in FPS performance over the next few weeks? Because even with few players on the screen, the frame rate seems to be dipping near single digits.

    This sort of thing just really isn't acceptable on console games where the hardware is standardized and most games are run at a mere 720p (1280x720). My experience has been that graphics performance rarely improves much between patches. Did anyone play the beta and notice better frame rates that maybe we aren't seeing now due to heavy server load?

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    I don't seem to have that problem, when the severs were up my game played really well.

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    Some people are experiencing heavy frame rate issues while others are not. This leads me to believe it is a launch issue. The Xbox 360 can definitely handle Defiance if optimized right.
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