Leaders of the bay, I am John Chrichton, founder of the Outlaw Immortals. This is my first run at this for rum thing so I'm hoping other founders and vets will see this and help. Clans out here in the bay have beef, and I for one would like a good fair way to settle it.

With the help of some of my leaders and some other of the games heavy hitters, today for about 2 hours turned Lonely Island into a PvP dueling tournament arena. At 10k or an on to buy in, our first ever PvP champion, WarTitan, was crowned.

After a hard fought 4 rounds, and a handful of random challengers, our champion walked away today with a smooth 100k, and a lvl appropriate on magnum.

I firmly believe that with the help of other leaders, and the all mighty Triton, we can structure this into a real and profitable mini game.

So I'm urging anyone who has interest send a message to me, or Triton. Get them to see this, that we may some day soon see The Lonely Island Dome of Solitude.

(The name of the arena may be changed to protect the innocent)

Xbox 360 au
John Chrichton-Outlaw Immortals