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    "Your connection to the Defiance server has timed out"

    Just as the title states. I was disconnected from the game after completing an arena and received this message. No problem I select my character to load back into the game and it fails and I see this message again. Try three more times, all fails. I dashboard load the game again and again three more fails. I switch characters, which has worked in the past, but not this time. So I completely shut off my xbox, turn it back on and reload the game and still I cannot get into the game and receive the same message. Danm it Trion why, why, why are their so many problems with this game? I also want to know how I can have the Lucky Kitty pursuit completed and the title unlocked, yet I do not have the achievment? I can mention a few more issues, but I dont want another slap on the wrist. Please fix whatever issue is causing this.

    Update: 3 hours later and I still can't get into the game.

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    I To am having same issue

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    Server deaded for me as well. Oh well, need a break from this game anyways.

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    i also can't get back online and keep getting the server timeout error message. be nice if you put some of the money i spend on bits towards your servers. its also nice when i just bought a loot boost now i can't even use it but i know the time on it is ticking down. seems real fair to me.

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    same problem here. couple of my friends are getting it too. sounds like they need to do a server reset

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    Having same issue, in fact, the entire clan is having the issue. Completed a conflict site and our entire xbox party was booted. Just activated self/group/clan boosts across the board too... Keep trying to log back into NA servers but keep receiving "Your connection to the Defiance server has timed out"...

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    I too am having the same issue. This is beyond rediculous. 18 of 33 friends on my list are not able to log into the game. However, my son can log into it no problem. Have tried for well over an hour. I have also gone so far as to have my son log off...while I attempt to log in. Same error everytime "your connectin to the defiance server has timed out". Sorry...but my connection is 100 down with 10 up...it's seriously not the connection with my modem/router..but to be honest...i did attempt again after power cycling both modem and router to get this: "Your connection to the Defiance servers has timed out". All other games work well..even pc games with problem connections...hence defiance...this is a xbox related issue. Come on guys....fix this. Have not been able to log anytime in this game this week after purchasing the latest dlc.
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    I am having the same problem as well 6 times in past 30 minutes. This is prime playing time o n NA servers what gives?

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    I just attempted to log in with the same error message. From what I am seeing this has been happening pretty much all day.... Why has there been to no fix to this yet??? Also managed to get to stage 2 of Nim the other day only to find out its so glitchy you cant even complete it... Stop adding new stuff and fix your broken game Trion! I don't buy DLC to games that are regularly unplayable, but if this game where to get fixed I'm sure I wouldn't mind purchasing most, if not all of it.

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    <p>It's 11:10 pm AST and still can't get into,the game. Same connection timeout message.</p>
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