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    A State of . . . . . . . . . . . . . Denial.

    Why does the siege icon disappear as I cross the green circle?

    But from outside the circle I can see the timer ticking down? This keeps happening. I keep going back to Coit Tower and driving back, and it keeps doing it to me.

    So I drive outside the circle again, and there's a Dark Matter roadside emergency.
    But the Dark Matter soldiers keep appearing and disappearing, They shoot at me, and I can't hit them because they disappear when I shoot. There are several Dark Matter generators scattered around but when I finally kill that all the Dark Matter soldiers - the generators are spinning and wont react to anything. I can't activate/deactivate them, and I can't shoot them.

    So I finally kill all the Dark Matter, never got killed or needed to self rezz, and my 'Total Damage' score is 2740? Thats it? 2740? And no progression to anything else further? And after all that the siege is still counting down but not there.

    What the hell is going on, and why does this happen that it's on my map but not on the ground?
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    The siege icon disappearing is nothing new. Been going on since it was introed in the alpha server. In fact nothing you are experiencing is new, get used to it. There is only 2 chances of it getting fixed; slim and none.

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