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    Watch the "Defiance: The Lost Ones" Minisodes

    Get ready for the second season of Defiance with a five-part minisode series, Defiance: The Lost Ones! Picking up where the first season left off, Nolan faces unexpected danger as he searches for a missing Irisa. Hidden facets of Nolan and Irisa’s past are revealed as he races against a ticking clock to find his daughter.


    Read the full article on the website.
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    I already saw all of them. Irisa looked cute as a kid. >^^<

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    Sorry but the dregs of humanity are denied access.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deunan View Post
    Irisa looked cute as a kid. >^^<
    As adult also :P

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    I can't watch these as I'm outside the US shame though
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    Is that a serious question?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic7870 View Post
    I can't watch these as I'm outside the US shame though
    I can help with that if you like.
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    As per usual those of us in the uk can't watch the damn webisode would love to have watched in but as we can't due to a regional issue guess we'll have to suffer as usual
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    Hey, these are great. Hopefully, given the ending of the first season and the apparent direction of the second season, lots of people can watch these. It might be a little confusing for the casual viewer otherwise.
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    I liked it quite a bit. Sorry about people outside the USA not being able to see the content. Try going through a USA based proxy:

    What's the deal with how the characters don't seem to know how to properly wear a beret? Anybody notice that NOLAN's knife is the exact same as was issued to US ARMY SF around 1990 (I loved that knife ? I was shocked that they selected that knife for the episode, when they could have cheezed out and gave him some Rambo blade.

    Well worth the time to watch IMHO.

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