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    threat level has been 10 since i logged in

    ive been playing for about 3 hours now, and my threat level has been at 10 the whole time. even when i was alone at the coit tower vendor. but most of the enemies i have come across tonight dont seem all that difficult so im not sure what is broken. the threat level or the enemies?

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    I had the same issue after doing an incursion when i logged on. I got perma up-scaled to 4750 and threat lvl 10 for the whole time I was on. Nothing I ran into up-scaled to compensate for me being up-scaled. But everything was dead in a matter of seconds no matter how many armor plates they had so it wasn't just a UI bug.
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    We will definitely start looking into these reports. If you come across any additional information while your in game that will help with this investigation, it would be super if you submitted a bug report!

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