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    Loot tables in Sieges/Incursions - Adjustments wanted

    I've completed so many incursions in the past week, easily over 100 of these events, and no Legendary reward. Sometimes that's all I've been doing the whole day. Server hopping to clan mates and knocking out another Incursion. So where are the legendary rewards? Were they removed?

    Also of note, the last Legendary I received from a Volge siege last week was a Volge Battle Rifle Gun. Can these be placed in the random loot tables yet?! We stopped playing Volge sieges because no one wanted yet another Volge BRG, but yet we're back to that being the only Legendary drop again.

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    Noticed that Incursions never seemed to drop a legendary anymore. I stopped doing Sieges when they started only giving Volge BRs again.

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