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    I've got the midget scream from Borderlands for some of my notifications.

    Literally ****s the life out of me when I'm quietly watching a good movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirServed View Post
    Nice. I actually use the same texting sound, it's great. My current ringtone is Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream.
    I 3rd that with the MGS text notification.

    At one point I had the King Ghidorah roar as a notification, well, lets just say being woken up by that is not a good idea. o.o

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    My ringtone : Minion Ring Ring
    you can search and find on mp3 ringtone .

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    This is my alarm clock. Starts on the quiet side so it's not as jarring but if I'm in a deep sleep the louder sections will eventually wake me up.

    My ringtone is an air raid siren when my wife calls (it carries well so I can hear it when my phone is in another room), a simulated analog phone sound for anyone else (because they're not as important).

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    Hey, guys you can try this ringtones download to download ringtones.
    Hope it is useful to you guys.

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    My ringtone is King of the Fairies by Celtic Rock.
    My text alert is the minion hahaha text message.
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    I use the standard text tone for all texts except when my wife text me. Then when my wife text me, yoda voice says " Message from the dark side there is".

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    Now that hockey season has officially started, I went back to my old faithful "Chelsea Dagger" ringtone..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaufenpreis View Post
    I use the standard text tone for all texts except when my wife text me. Then when my wife text me, yoda voice says " Message from the dark side there is".
    My ex stepdad's ringtone on my phone is C3P0 saying, "Ive got a bad feeling about this."
    My (very evil and hateful) Older Brother's is king diamond's: No presents for Christmas
    My little brother's is Alice Cooper's: Hey stupid
    My ex GF's is hex girls: I'm a hex girl
    My mom's is the Xena Warrior Princess theme. (She picked it)
    The home phone is the Adams Family Theme
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    As usual Batman is right.
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    Because Batman is ALWAYS RIGHT!
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    Batman is boss. He will never lose because he is the best. That's that. Oh yeeeah

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    I've got bioshock sounds/music. Will the Circle be unbroken from Infinite is my alarm, circus of values is a message notification, a little sister singing Mr Bubbles for my ringtone, the big daddy growl is another notification, and Tainted Love (bioshock style) is set for certain people's ringtone.

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