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    hellion kill shot

    I have landed the killshot on the hellion at least half a dozen times but the pursuit wont unlock.
    I know that I am getting the killshot as it comes up critical kill and I get a massive bonus of about 65 - 85k xp ontop of my current score. I have put a ticket in, but they say I need to report it as a bug....

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    A critical kill isnt a kill shot.

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    That is correct, sadly Ark Hunting as a Way of Life III is a pursuit we cannot update. With your bug report we are able to gather the character data needed to investigate if this is a bug.

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    Never believe "Critical Kill" or "Power Kill" on your screen.
    Also don't believe your score increase from kill.
    When the achievement for the Warmaster was kill shot, I got the kill shot without the Critical Kill or Power Kill pop up (even though it was a critical hit and my Overcharge was on).
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