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    This game worth buying?

    I want to buy this game, is it worth my 60 bucks?

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    Expectations and personal preferences.

    This aint a RPG, this aint a 'super high progression uber imba gear lvl500 4milion damage shooter' game.

    They only comparable game atm would be Firefall (beta atm), in that line this game looks way more 'done' and has a greater variaty of things to do ingame.

    Personaly, totaly worth. Even if i make it to 50-60 hours, i already have more hours in this game then quite a few shooters i've played. I like the settings, the scenery and its combat, and as they are still working on more content, i'm happy about it.

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    It all has to do with player preference really, to me the game is amazing, it does have its bugs like every other launch has but so far the transition from beta to live game has come along nicely. The world is going to be expansive as future dlc comes out and fleshes out the world more. All in all atm I personally give it a 8/10 but everyones opinions are different.
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    Definietly! As the game will grow and improve greatly in time, it's WORTH jumping in now to be here at the start despite few issues. I'd highly recommend it

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    Here I just did this thread with my impressions on the game so maybe it can help.

    It scares me that I live in a world where gamers would rather have their voice chat working instead of the game working correctly.

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    My Game Impression

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    id say so yeh.

    not gonna lie i was one of those " i wan imba lvl 500 grindfest gear farming" - i really did :'(

    so i personally am dissapointed. but although it isnt what i was hoping for. its still a damn interesting game.

    dont expect borderlands loot though ! all weapons are the same like alll the way through lol. but the combats quite fun and theres a bunch of stuff to do so even taking loot out of the forumula like seriously its none existance , i have purples and legendaries and their the same as the whites . YAWN) the rest of the formula will give me an abundance of hours to throw away in defiance .

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    it really depends on personal preference but it you like 3rd person shooter action games then this one will be right up your street the only thing you really have to worry about it doing a lot of repetitive stuff

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    Please don't read people's review. Best thing you can do is buy it like the rest of us.

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    It's outstanding.

    Take from that what you will.
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