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Since pictures are worth a thousand words and there seem to people who would like pics to be shown. I will demonstrate using pictures.

I called up an Abominable Warmaster so I could control the environment (i.e. no other people influencing damage being dealt).

I bought a plain no nano VOT Blaster from a vendor seen here:

My loadout I used was simple and I removed DLC perks:

I shot the WM in the back using the no nano VOT Blaster and got 3905 DMG being dealt:

I added a Fire Converter to the VOT Blaster (which should decrease the Card Damage from 7382 to (0.9 x 7382) to ~ 6643.8. Card shows 6644 so that checks out:

Now if the Warmaster Blue Armor Crystal is health based then the damage done by fire converted Blaster should be 3905 x 0.9 x 1.5 = 5271.75.

So lets see what we got:

We got exactly 5272. Which checks out.

Thus proving without a doubt that the Warmaster Blue Crystal is indeed Health Based.

So take home point use Fire nano on crystal armor as well because it is health based.

Happy New Year! Defiance and All That.
very nicely done! And I do concur the blue crystal armor is indeed health based, so fire nano weapons are the best for use on both armor and after you strip it off use a high crit pistol with fire nano.