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    How to use in game money to buy weapons?

    Im new to this game,and im a free to play account, is that possible to use in-game money to purchase weapons without spending my pocket money ?
    Why i never see an option available for me to buy with in game money, and i only play multiplayer so far...

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    Vendor machines sell weapons using in-game currency called Scrip. If you just started, you're probably at the Earth Republic camp, so not much selection beyond the daily special. You get Scrip as loot drops from enemies, it'll look like a stack of old money, and in the beginning it takes a little bit to collect. There are a bunch of different vendor places, this link http://www.defiancedata.com/vendors.php has a list of all of them, where they are, what they sell.

    There's a difference between Scrip (the free loot drops) and Bits, which you use RL money to get so you can buy stuff from the Defiance Store. The Store is accessed through the menu wheel, Vendor machines are placed in the game map. Hope this helps!

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    This site will show you all the in game currencies.

    Scrip - In game money that is used to buy weapons, shields and various other items. This is gained from missions, side missions, major events such as Arkfalls/Sieges/Incursions or completing Arenas/Co-ops.

    Bits - Bits are a currency that is gained from Real Life money. These are used to buy items from the bit store, the store contains boosts/lockboxes/outfits/vehicles/etc.

    Salvage - Ark Salvage shows up as a green icon. This isn't a currency but it is used to modify your weapons so that you can put mods on them. You gain these from breaking down items.

    Ark Forge - Ark Forge is the commodity. This isn't a currency but its used to upgrade weapons, redo mastery rolls and various other things with your weapons and shields. This is more rare but also the most useful, save these as much as possible. These are earned in in Major Events much like Scrip or can occasionally be found in lockboxes.

    Keycodes - Commonly referred to as Keys. These are used to open lockboxes (boxes that give you random set of varying rarity guns and shields). You earn these at major events or you can buy them for Scrip and Ark Salvage.

    Rep - Reputation is what it is. Its reputation points with certain factions like Top Notch Toolworks, Von Bach Industries, etc. These factions have a special vendor that sells special items, these items require spending scrip and reputation points. Rep is earned by completing daily and weekly contracts.

    Cores - Caeraleum Cores is a rare item. These are only used to purchase weapons or mods from the Paradise and Chimera Vendor, these are only earned from Expert Co-Op Contracts. As a low level player you will not need to worry about these so much.

    Here is a good thread and website to look at since you are new, these will provide you with information:

    If you have any more question feel free to ask. Someone will answer you. Welcome to the forums.
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