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    How about a DOWNGRADE rating feature for high EGO weapons ?

    As higher EGO players continue to accumulate EGO or are stuck at their max, the one thing that is difficult to manage is the ability to sell really nice weapons because of their EGO Level....For example, I have 4 or 5 weapons that I would like to sell, but since all of them are above EGO 5500, no takers. These weapons would generate a healthy amount of scrip if they were available at lower EGOs, whether the vendor or buyer brings them there.

    Since the upgrade rating has been implemented, I have seen few complaints about it not working properly....how about a Downgrade rating now for the same amount of Arkforge.....seems to me everybody wins, Trion for selling Arkforge, Buyers for getting more weapons of choice and vendors to make scrip and less frustration with the market

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    That would be an excellent addition, I have the same issue not being able to sell the weapons because of the EGO rating. Would love this feature to come into existance.
    Not to mention giving away weapons to friends - that they can actually use!

    Indeed - everyone wins

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    Response from a Dev on this subject in that thread.

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    Don't you think that Trion have had enough out of everyone and it should be free.

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    imo 50 AF wouldnt be bad if the 50 AF would lower it to your exact EGO level. There have been a few good suggestions how it could work.

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