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    Hi, I'm new to this game. just started playing about a week ago, have TS3. Also 24. Ego rating 30

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    TS3, 22 and friendly. EGO 400+.
    Palaying for a week now.

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    24, already part of a teamspeak gamer community who plays, but its a much more casual thing for them and most seldom log in. ego is 1350~.

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    i would like to join but i am only 14 but i am ego rating 1450 "wish i was the correct age"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymerian View Post
    We've recently started this game. Current Ego rating is 700. Looking for very active players to join our Teamspeak for co-op play. A microphone is required. Mature players only. Looking forward to responses.
    can i join 25 from belgium got everything

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    500+ ego im 28 and have a mic.

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