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    Defiance Community Q&A: July 3rd

    It's Thursday! It's not actually Friday, but it's close enough. Do you know what that means, ark hunters? It means it's time for more Q&A with the Defiance team!

    Some of these were discussed in the previous livestream. For ease of access, we've added them here!
    1. What are 10 priorities for the team after the Free-to-Play launch?
      We're dialing it up to 11! There's no particular order of priority here, but this is what we're currently focused on.
      - Stability and Lag
      - PS3/Xbox Stability
      - Season 2 Crossover Content
      - Silicon Valley
      - Grid and “Pilgrim” Enemies
      - Improved clarity and attractiveness for the Salvage matrix.
      - More features for item customization and improvement in the salvage matrix: Naming items, re-rolling bonuses, re-rolling synergies.
      - Miscellaneous quality of live improvements and fixing current bugs (Cloak issues, Hi-res textures, togglable target indicators, Hide HUD)
      - Additional Personal stats screen for end of event scoreboard: damage, score breakdown, etc.
      - Player-manufactured gear
      - More character improvement options (Perks, powers, and cybertechnology.)
    2. Will we be seeing new weaponry with Season 2 of Defiance? Can you give us any hints?
      Indeed you shall. We have three new weapons coming from the Camden Pace and her Defiant Few faction.
    3. Can you give us more details on the environment on the new landmass? Will we be able to directly interact with/destroy parts of it, such as the plant life?
      Silicon Valley covers the area from San Bruno to Redwood City. (Yes, we know modern Silicon Valley is technically further south than that.) There is no terrain deformation or environmental destruction nor any plan to implement such features in the lifetime of Defiance. They do not contribute to the Massive Co-op experience.
    4. What is the base health amount for players, and what is the calculation that increases health as your EGO Rating increases?
      Player base health starts at 1263. It maxes out at 17303. (Of course, there is a perk which can modify those numbers.)
    5. Will there potentially be more playable races in the future?
      Oh yes.
    6. When an entire group joins matchmaking and a group member disconnects during the map can the leader of the group be asked if they want to open the party for matchmaking? It's not enjoyable when running a clan group expert map and when a member disconnects they are replaced with a random person.
      This is likely to be updated with the “private matches” coming with the matchmaking update for the Warmaster, though not by creating a message pop-up during combat as suggested here.
    7. Is there any chance of raising the drop rare on outfits? It’s causing a lot of frustration.
      We’ve discussed it. The 7th Legion and Gunslinger outfits drop at a very high rate. The outfit drops from other lockboxes are frustratingly low. We’re taking a look at them as well as providing some in-game way to tell if you’ve gotten all the outfits available from a lockbox. (Even if that is just a list of available outfits.)
    8. Are the nano effect proc chances a flat percentage value? If so, what is that value? If not, what determines the chance, and what are those chances?
      Nano-effect procs are calculated per-hit. Which does mean that shotguns calculate this proc chance with startling frequency. On the plus side, each weapon has their per-pellet proc chance set individually. This is, of course, a maintenance nightmare. Also, this means that the proc chance of a weapon is not really something we can display to a player because the raw numbers would make many weapons with high proc rates look quite bad.

      Our intention is to change how those calculations are made so that they can be displayed to players in some meaningful way.
    9. Why do enemies disappear in large encounters, and what are the steps needed to create a fix for it?
      Enemies disappear in large encounters when you start to run out of memory. On PC, you can visit the “Proxy Memory” slider under the video setting and slide that all the way to the right.
    10. When will matchmaking for arenas actually put you in a PUG instead of just sending you in solo? There's no point in having them in the matchmaking menu if it just sends you in without actually putting you in a group.
      Group up first. We recommend zone chat! Additionally, we’re looking at an overhaul of our matchmaking UI so that people looking to PUG or looking to avoid PUGs will be able to tailor their experience.
    11. On the Xbox, it is currently easy to accidentally favorite or un-favorite items. Can you move the favorite/un-favorite button in the inventory, from the left dpad/analogue movement to another button (perhaps to the Y button)?
      We should add this to the key bindings.
    12. Could we ever have bigger groups or raid groups?
      This isn't something that the team is looking into at this time.
    13. Because loot boost were removed because they never worked as intended, do loot bonus based perks like Just Rewards, Piñata and Implosion work correctly? What about the Scavenger synergy?
      Those special snowflakes do work correctly, but they are very special cases.
    14. It was stated by Trick that Bio and Electric Nanos were being tweaked. Bio would be getting a slight negative adjustment, and Electric would be getting a small positive one. Is this still going to occur?
      After crunching the numbers, we’re going to hold off on this adjustment. It does not appear to be necessary from what we've seen.
    15. The FRC Nomad non nano shoots Blue Votan Bullets with the corresponding sounds while the FRC Sub Carbine non nano shoots the correct type of yellow low tech bullets with the correct sound. Will there be a fix the bullet visual / sound of the FRC Nomad?
      That's definitely possible, but it's very low on our priority list.
    16. Patch notes on consoles seems to be updated pretty late, why is this and is there anything that can be done?
      Thanks for bringing this up! We usually deploy the patch notes at the end of the deployment of the patch so that QA can do a quick check before the patch notes are up. We're going to switch it up and deploy them at the beginning to ensure maximum visibility when patching.
    17. Will there be new Ego Powers and Perks added sometime soon?
      Not in the immediate future.
    18. Can we have a go to clan member option?
      This is definitely something we want to add to Defiance.
    19. Will we be seeing other weather conditions and environmental effects in the future?
      We’re currently working on optimizing the performance of rain, for example. It currently rains in Silicon Valley. Should that optimization be delayed or not reach our quality standards, the rain will be removed until it is ready.
    20. What is the current loadout change duration?
      3.0 seconds!
    21. The Quick Menu for Clans only show 15 members on the list. Viewing again reverses the order, could this be improved?
      That's definitely possible! However, we currently do have other priorities that we'd like to address before tackling something like this.
    22. Would it be possible to implement a clan leaderboard or directory?
      That's also definitely possible! However, again, we do have other priorities to address prior to tackling issues like these.
    23. Will there be more Dev involvement in player hosted events in the future?
      Check out this thread. We'd like to get more involved with player events!
    24. Can we have cross-platform trading at least in global zones?
      We cannot have any cross platform interaction. At the least, it goes against out publisher agreement.
    25. Will Recruit-A-Friend be returning? Will referrers with partial credits towards rewards (i.e. Hellblazer truck, etc.) still have those partial credits on balance pending the return of Recruit-A-Friend?
      We're going to have to revamp it for Free-to-Play, but we do intend to have a return of the Recruit-a-Friend program. We don't have an ETA on it currently.
    26. We've seen an issue where too many loot items on the ground causes friendly players to not show, this is most noticeable during afflicted emergencies from what we've seen. Are there any updates on this issue?
      We just updated the auto loot radius by 50%, which is awesome. While it's true that this has a small effect on how many friendly players show, it's not the core problem here.
    27. Can we get a setting to open up entry to our vehicles by default to clan members, friends, everyone or no-one?
      We are currently switching it so that you always get in the driver seat on vehicles you own, as opposed to accidentally getting in the passenger side. We can look into this part next, but honestly, the UI changes and more seem to outweigh the game-play benefit when there are higher priority tasks to work on at this time.
    28. Can we have a button with the ability to salvage trash weapons on the ground?
      Yes! This is something that we'd like to implement.

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    Very useful info. Thanks Kiwi!
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    Question #15 tid bit.

    There is one Nomad throughout the whole entire game that shoots bullets instead of blue Votan lasers.

    You get it as a reward for one of the last side quests that pop up in Marin at Muir Processing Plant once all other side quests in that zone are completed... Im pretty sure. But whatever the exact case is I have a Nomad that shoots regular bullets and more or less that's how I got it.

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    Thank you Kiwi, lots of nice answers here.
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    kiwi thanks and also I was wondering and I was wandering through my trionworlds account if on the console will ever see this cool bundle Defiance: VBI Ultimate Pack or if the NEW Helldorado ATV and special Hellblazer Nomad will make their way to defiance stores any time soon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Kiwibird View Post
    It's Thursday[/INDENT][*][*][/LIST]
    I LOVE YOU Kiwi...

    Hope that was not to much

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    Is it possible to add another question to that list? It's just something i've really wanted to see.

    Basically, would it be possible to change the weapon model of a current piece of gear, without changing the stats? For example, i have a lovely VBI Sniper Rifle in my inventory, but i do not like the look of it, and the firing sound of it is really unpleasant. I'd like to be able to remodel it into a Derailer so that it keeps the stats of my VBI Sniper Rifle, but just looks and sounds like a Derailer. You might ask "Why not just get a Derailer". Well, every Derailer i've found has been severely behind in both damage and crit multiplier, probably since it's meant to be used against vehicles?

    I just want to know if this is something that could perhaps be added, as i'd really appreciate it. If not, thank you for your time.

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    What's the matchmaking update coming to the WM? And why is that not the first thing being worked on for the WM instead of these *bleep* timers that are only going to take griefing to a whole new level?

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    Number 1 and and 17 seem to contradict one another.

    The last "priority" explicitly states, "- More character improvement options (Perks, powers, and cybertechnology.)", and yet, #17 claims that this isn't a priority after all.

    It makes me wonder what happened between 1 and 16 that this suddenly became "un-prioritized".

    Perhaps a little clarification can be given. Otherwise I'll just remain skeptical about the entire priority list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebtattoo View Post
    Number 1 and and 17 seem to contradict one another.

    The last "priority" explicitly states, "- More character improvement options (Perks, powers, and cybertechnology.)", and yet, #17 claims that this isn't a priority after all.

    It makes me wonder what happened between 1 and 16 that this suddenly became "un-prioritized".

    Perhaps a little clarification can be given. Otherwise I'll just remain skeptical about the entire priority list.
    I think you're reading a bit much into this Reb.

    One our our priorities after F2P is:
    "More character improvement options (Perks, powers, and cybertechnology.)"
    Further on, the answer to the question "Will there be new Ego Powers and Perks added sometime soon?" is:
    Not in the immediate future.
    Put another way: Higher priority task are not necessarily easy tasks; some take longer than others.

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