* Updated the Warmaster Arkbreak:
- The "Open Vents" objective now has a 30-second timer. The event progresses once this timer expires.
- The "Break Locks" objective now has a 3-minute timer and auto-advances after that time. The locks are still vulnerable during this time.
- Further details may be found in a thread from Scapes and Trick, here:
* Pursuits: The Snake's Bite I & II: The objectives now advance if any "Formidable" Hulker is killed, instead of only "Formidable" Infected Hulkers.
* Emergencies will no longer ambush players at The Fork.
* Fixed a bug causing clan boosts for salvage and score to terminate early, most noticeably when the servers restarted.
* Mission replay is now available per mission line, rather than for all story missions at once!
* Prevented certain lock-on projectiles from striking their target through walls.

* Chimera Vendor: When purchasing Arkforge, you now get five times the Arkforge payout for the same low price!
* Tier 2 and Tier 3 lock boxes have had their Arkforge drop rates adjusted. The Keycode price to Arkforge payout ratio is now best when opening Tier 4 lock boxes.
* Shrill screeching effect now properly plays from shrill grenades.

* Did general polish on a number of Castithan female outfits.
* Fixed a seam on the Grim Nomad outfit.
* Cleaned up some detailing on one of the Biohazard outfits.
* Fixed a bug that caused a white polygon to appear while wearing some Biohazard battler armors.

you will notice more evidence from the bold and underlined portion of these patch notes. how profits not player satisfaction is becoming even more important in defiance.

I'd seen this in an old post from may, but I figured it had already been adjusted once in game since that post was from May. P2P ppl P2P