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    New Crossover Missions Incoming! Season 2: Episode 4: Alter EGO

    This content will be available on Monday, July 14th, at 12PM PDT.

    Ark hunters,

    I’ve heard the strangest radio message coming out of San Francisco. Let’s give it a listen...

    “For all those who have fought and struggled on this New Frontier. I have discovered a way for you to survive, to thrive, and to escape the fear of death. Join me in Silicon Valley, and I will show you the way to a new life.”

    The speaker, for all the world, sounds like Karl Von Bach, but he’s dead. Right?

    This announcement as shaken the pillars of Von Bach Industries and their CEO, Azumi Yoshida, is recruiting ark hunters to determine the origin of the message. If Karl Von Bach is alive, there will be hell to pay back East.

    Something else troubles Azumi. Something far worse than the resurrection of her old friend and boss. Rumor has it that this Von Bach is giving out EGO implants to anyone who asks. Karl Von Bach insisted on a rigorous testing regimen for the ark hunters in the Bay Area Expedition, and he refused to give combat-capable EGOs to anyone else. The Earth Republic military has long desired to have access to VBI EGO implants. The actions of this Karl Von Bach are very different from his pre-resurrection predecessor.

    The investigation of these strange events will provide a window into the history of the EGO, the capabilities of the Grid, and even a new social movement appearing in the world.

    Good hunting,

    Trick Dempsey

    Due to ongoing issues with the Xbox 360 patch, this content will be delayed on that platform. We'll update with more details when we have them. If you are having patching issues on Xbox 360, see this post: Xbox 2.100 Patch Update

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    Talking about hearing messages, have you heard ours Trick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemist View Post
    Talking about hearing messages, have you heard ours Trick?

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    Soooooo excited! Sucks that its delayed on 360 though
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    I could care less about this right now and hate having to see this guys name anywhere. The minority is still speeking and you should listen.

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    OK now I know that on Monday 7/14 I should hop in for contracts and new missions. Then on Tuesday 7/15 F2P starts. I will NOT be playing that day and probably not for a week following that likelihood of that little future fiasco. I'll visit the forums just to see what happens.

    Side note: bigguy is right. We're all still very much unhappy with you, Trick. Lot of damage was done, you may not even understand how awful it really is.

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    Delayed on 360?!?! Come on, dudes!


    If this is the new land mass and we have to wait....


    Also, now I am assuming that what the mayor opened at the end of the episode was a EGO unit....!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickDempsey View Post
    Due to ongoing issues with the Xbox 360 patch, this content will be delayed on that platform.
    Ah, just another fail in the 'ol fail chain holding Defiance together. Beautiful and thank you.
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    Why were you rude to us?

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    So those Pilgrims are going to be part of a Von Bach Cult?

    I hope that we get to fight Von Bach but I also hope we don't kill him in a single episode mission. Be cool if he becomes a returning villain. The Ark Hunter needs a prolonged nemesis. Every boss thus far in the story has been a 1 shot villain.

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