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    Arkfall Alliance currently recruiting more members (18+only) join us and get boosts

    Like the title says the Arkfall alliance is currently recruiting more members and looking for like minded gamers

    this clans in the uk only just now

    so who is the arkfall alliance??
    we are are group of 18+ laid back gamers (no squeekers) from the uk who decided to come together on defiance and help each other out with not only quests but also raids script and boosts.

    what do you guys play in defiance???
    currently we play everything from co-op to missions and pvp/shadow war basicaly we play everything and are currently looking for the best missions to farm

    so how many of you are there???
    just now were just starting off and trying to grow theres only about 12 of us just now but were going to start recruiting from now onwards

    so what are these boosts you speak of???
    we at arkfall alliance believe that sharing is caring and all of us think that boosts benifit not only our selves but the full clan and we are activating clan boosts so we all get that extra little boost...

    so do i have to use boosts aswell???
    if you can afford to help out and chuck one on then yes that would benefit not only you but everyone but its not a must we understand that not everyone has the money to do this so you can still help us out with raids co-op arkfalls pvp and shadow war if you join and recive a boost

    i see its 18+ is that correct??
    pretty much yes but we will make acceptions if your going to be on the game a lot and your not a call of duty squeeker but are say mybe only 15 then we would still let you join but this is an adult clan with adult jokes and adult sense of humour so if you are a bit younger you will need to keep this in mind!!!!

    so how do i join???
    you can message Chronosphear84 or myself KillAlot V2 on xbox live to ask for invite

    how do i get promoted??? id like to be an officer pwease..
    speak to us about it if your able to recruit and your good at getting people then the options there

    do you have a clan website???
    we do yes its currently being worked on but its up just now

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    Very nice topic mate hopefully this will bring some fresh new members to the clan
    I cant wait!

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    Our new website is http://www.arkfallalliance.com

    Check it OUT!

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    i would like to join and i sent a message to chrome and killalot on xbox

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinoyNinja View Post
    i would like to join and i sent a message to chrome and killalot on xbox
    Welcome to the clan mate glad to have you with us
    we have over 40 members in the clan now and still growing!

    not only that but we have had constant clan boosts since day 1 of the servers going online :P

    don't forget to sign up at

    to keep up to date with all of the latest clan boosts, event and more!

    see you in game.

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    Im interested in joining your clan. I will be online 2morro so cant send an invite till then
    my gt is IRISH PSYCHO Uk, in game name is phil21


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    I am looking for a clan to join on defiance EU or NA server but I got one rule that is "Do not send me a friend request just message me please"

    Gamer Tag: Cyber Ice Blood

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