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    Enter the Master Cutscene?

    So, I was on the last of the new Alter EGO missions for this week, and I reached Cass during "Enter the Master," then I got stuck in the loading screen and never saw the cutscene. I'm guessing that was all there was to do because when I got back on, I had the EGO bump and finished pursuit for finishing this episode's missions.

    Can anyone describe what was in the missed cutscene, or upload to YouTube or something?

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    I haven't played it yet, but I record the cutscenes just in case people miss them or want to revisit them. I plan on recording any new cutscenes tonight and have them published either tonight or tomorrow.

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kershoc
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/kershoc

    It will be streamed on Twitch before it goes up to Youtube. I started using twitch to do my recordings instead of filling up my hdd with the raw video.

    EDIT: Here's the video!

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    Confronting Von Bach that has no idea wth is going on, your EGO gets some weird red eyes and a new voice, (She was being hacked) and then cass comes points a gun at bach and leaves
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