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    Please go edit your info out of your posts. You're supposed to send the info in to Destromathe in a pm here on the forums and only when he has posted that he's open to copies.

    Quote Originally Posted by PhantasieTrion View Post
    Hi Everyone

    PTS Bonuses

    Several players who have dedicated their time to testing on PTS asked about adding the DLC packs and other bonuses to their PTS accounts. We thought this was a good suggestion, so we have started implementing it.

    See this thread for full details and the code to enter to get things!

    Character Copy

    To help with high level testing we can make a copy (duplicate) of your live character on your PTS account. To do this, please PM Destromathe, who is now handling the copies!

    The window which character copy requests will be accepted will only be during testing periods. Please keep your eyes out for PTS patch notes that will let you know when character copies are open!

    • Your Platform (PC, XBox or PS3)
    • Your Server Region (North America or Europe)
    • Your login email (PC) or XBox Live Gamertag or PSN ID
    • Your Character Name (that you want copied)
    • Your login email for PTS (Make sure you have logged in to PTS at least once)
    • IF you have a console account, you must link your console account to your Trion account. You can link your account here (based on a code that you can get in game).

    Please make sure you follow these directions, as I can't do the copy without it!

    It may take me a few days to get to, as this is a manual process right now. If you PM me and didn't hear back in a few days, feel free to PM again - I get a lot and its possible I missed it.

    • Character copy does not affect your Live account.
    • We can copy from console accounts to PTS.
    • We can not copy from one live account to another. The only destination is PTS.
    • There are known bugs with the copy (duplicate items in claims, guild name may show up incorrectly, etc)
    • It is important you have logged into PTS at least once. This is so your account has been created. I can not create accounts, I can only copy characters to an account (which, of course, must exist first). Please make sure you have done this step.
    Thanks for all your help on PTS.


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    Hello, stop writing open logins.
    Please write to the PM about the character [Destromathe] . ( only open the number and date )

    Congratulations to all the recent holidays. Soon the birthday game "Defiance"

    ...N7® .
    Fire Knight

    i3 - 2100к @3.100Ghz / 8GB Ram / nVidea GF 430-GT Driver 382.05 / ASUS <\>
    Display 1024x768 .
    Defiance: VBI Ultimate Pack® Code Applied 2015-05-08

    Defiance® PC™ PC EU User Name: ColapsN7
    Alpha Test Server online ColapsN7 toPTS

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    What PTS and PM mean here?

    Sorry English isn't my first language can u help me understand that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexQs321 View Post
    Sorry English isn't my first language can u help me understand that?
    PTS = Public Test Server

    PM = Private Message

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    Thanks, I appreciate u time

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    Message I just sent to Destromathe.

    OK. I am confused and disappointed once again. I appreciate your efforts in doing this probably thankless job but this is the second month in a row that I have tried to get copied. I sent my December and January requests within the specified time slot with all the correct information. Are you still doing this or should I be emailing it to someone else? Do you read these emails or just when a copy session is happening? I would appreciate some kind of response so I can understand why this is not happening.


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    i redeemed code before duplicating my cahracter but didnt use it from claim items if i duplicated my character will i find the prizes of the code in my claim ??

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    Hello, i've send some PM for a char copy and nothing happen ... how is that ?! I know that everybody is busy but 2 months ?!
    Getting really tired of Trions answers... make something for users.. not just for yourselfs.. we buy patrons , we play and get nothing... we make tickets to get crappy answers and now this ?!
    This is a little bit too much unfair to all. Sorry for my bad english.

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