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    Quote Originally Posted by PhantasieTrion View Post
    Hi Fairyfure

    Take a look at the instructions in the first post of this thread for how to get your character copied:
    Get me that info, and I'll copy it for you!

    i sent you the info
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    Quote Originally Posted by crystal030405 View Post
    i entered the bonus code and got no arkforge got everything else but no forge is it bugged?
    i am having the same issue on my main account. the arkforge i got was only 100, not the 10000 that had been listed..... do you need to be a certain level to receive that?

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    North America


    Joshua Vaccaro


    I need a pts account how do I set one up

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    Character Copy

    To help with high level testing we can make a copy (duplicate) of your live character on your PTS account. To do this, please PM me:
    • Your Platform (PC, XBox or PS3)
    • Your Server Region (North America or Europe)
    • Your login email (PC) or XBox Live Gamertag or PSN ID
    • Your Character Name (that you want copied)
    • Your login email for PTS (Make sure you have logged in to PTS at least once)

    It may take me a few days to get to, as this is a manual process right now. If you PM me and didn't hear back in a few days, feel free to PM again - I get a lot and its possible I missed it.

    • Character copy does not affect your Live account.
    • We can copy from console accounts to PTS.
    • We can not copy from one live account to another. The only destination is PTS.
    • There are known bugs with the copy (duplicate items in claims, guild name may show up incorrectly, etc)
    Thanks for all your help on PTS.



    If I wasted my time downloading the PITA server, and not having any characters transferred over . grrr...


    If you want us to fix your err.. stuff.

    I tried on the pts several times since the game started .. was apparently stuck on a solo player server, every single time.

    Add characters automatically on to the pts.

    Let us help you.

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    Hi Phan

    Thanks for copying my character over from live.

    Its much better now I don't have to empty forty seven clips into a raider just to take down his shield LOL

    I realise there are not too many who play on PTS but I am okay with it.

    Is there a post or email or PM that tells me what it is that currently needs testing.

    Also does the code to get the extra goodies work on second characters or only on the first one created. I tried it in shop (with and without the -) and got the red invalid code error.

    cheers and thanks again

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    Copie du personnage

    Bonjour, voudrais avoir mon personnage aussi sur le serveur test, je vient de l'installé afin de participé au test.
    • Plate-forme: PC
    • Région de Serveur: Europe
    • Votre courrier électronique de connexion (PC): loganerwan@hotmail.fr
    • Nom de Personnage: Onyl


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    @Gulac: We post a thread that contains the contents of each patch every time PTS is updated. That should give you some indication to test.

    @Others Also, it would help if you can PM me the details for the character copy, and I can easily miss them there.

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    hey i want a duplicate on pc from europe the email is shadowknights@live.nl and the char i want duplicated is canaalberona and i log in with same email to pts

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    Quote Originally Posted by canaalberona View Post
    hey i want a duplicate on pc from europe the email is xxx and the char i want duplicated is canaalberona and i log in with same email to pts
    Character copy is disabled at the moment. I would recommend you maybe censoring your e-mail and sending a PM about that to Phantasie so he can get back to that when they enabled it again.

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    please copy my char to PTS

    Hi there

    •Your Platform PC
    •Your Server Region Europe
    •Your login email (PC) rovesoft@hotmail.com
    •Your Character Name Rover1
    •Your login email for PTS rovesoft@hotmail.com

    thx in advance



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